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Wrong but Funny #DearPopeFrancis Instagrams

Pope Francis‘ visit in the Philippines gathered 6-7 million Filipinos in one place for his mass last Sunday. People waited patiently and got drenched under the rain just to get a glimpse of the well-loved pontiff. It was a historic event, which got people talking about their experiences — and yes, most especially on social media. We checked out the trending hashtags online and saw some posts that really stood out from the other entries in a funny and entertaining way.

We filtered these photos by keying in #DearPopeFrancis and #PopePH — both official hashtags during the Pope’s visit here in the country.

Editor’s Note: These photos were posted in public settings for everyone to see. We’ve embedded the posts here so the respective owners may opt to take it down or set it to private anytime they want. 

Here are Instagram posts that used the Pope’s official hashtag during times when they really didn’t have to include them. Enjoy.

The least one can do is to make sure the photo is focused before uploading it.

Siguro nag pray rin si Pope na magkaroon ng signal . Thank you #PopeTSYM #PopePH A photo posted by Joshua Dado (@awusoj) on

So what do you owe the Pope exactly? 

I was watching him, and I really owe him even though I’m not a catholic. #popePH

A photo posted by Princes Liza Bernardino (@prinsisay) on

Cool “EPOP” shirt, bro.

Have a great day everyone! ???? Post selfie of POPE shirt. #popePH #popefrancisPH #popeTYSM #blessed ???? A photo posted by Joel Andrew Menor (@thesmokejumper) on

We’re not sure if this is even real or just photoshopped.

Spot the difference. #pnoy#PopeTYSM#Dearpopefrancis#difference

A photo posted by @nelleeerocks on

So why is #DearPopeFrancis included again?

  Confirm na po ba na si ate @nadzlustre ang gaganap bilang shan chai??? #justAsking #dearPopeFrancis #blessedByThePope #jadineFans   A photo posted by jaydeelyndoroja (@jade_doroja) on

Food posts are undoubtedly everywhere.

  Chicken karage ???? #PopeTYSM #People’sPope #PopePH #PopeFrancis ????   A photo posted by Teejay D. Ygoña (@teejaygona17) on

Not just food, but shoes too!

just had a run with my green socks. #Day1 #PopePH A photo posted by Areeya Young (@areeyanicola) on

  Sapatos kong Hindi masyadong basa. HAHAHAHA.#InstaFrame #PapalVisit #PopeFrancisPH #PopePH #RainyDay   A photo posted by marvin bacho jr (@jrbachooo) on

Haters gonna Hate. #PopeTYSM #PopePH A photo posted by Dan Bryne ? (@dandanbryne) on

And of course, selfies!

Sunday morning rain is falling… ü #BlessedSunday #VivaStoÑino #PopePH

A photo posted by La Lures (@lalures) on

Have a good and blessed thursday!!!! #Popetsym!!!!!! #PopePh   A photo posted by Hanna BArrera (@yoriiannah1314) on

#LateUpload #GoodNight #PopeFrancisTYSM #PopePh #GodLoveUs #HappyKid #PlayHardVolleyBall A photo posted by evooooo (@dimple_evooooo) on

#DearPopeFrancis   A photo posted by Jean Carlos Manuel Herramia (@naej_014) on

The look-away selfie. 

watching pope francis #holiness #papa #popekiko #popeph #blessusall A photo posted by Christian Ablen Fiel (@superfiel) on

Take a selfie, upload it with the trending hashtag, and like it!

#popeph   A photo posted by Regina Ysabelle Sentorias (@reginaysabelle) on

“Strike a pose everywhere” (Keyword: everywhere)

Strike a pose everwhere. After the event of #DearPopeFrancis Harhar #UnibersidadngSantoTomas A photo posted by Paradi Cabuhat (@paradicabuhat) on

(Keyword: everywhere)

Tuwing umuulan ay kapiling ka,. We love you #DearPopeFrancis   A photo posted by Paradi Cabuhat (@paradicabuhat) on


Rain is coming!,. Raincoat all the way! Watching Our #DearPopeFrancis on the big screen. #Happiness #BlessedbythePope A photo posted by Paradi Cabuhat (@paradicabuhat) on

and everywhere…

Strike a pose at the stage. #BlessedbythePope   A photo posted by Paradi Cabuhat (@paradicabuhat) on

Guilty of any of these? Tell us about it on the comment section below and let’s all have a good laugh! But more importantly, not only did the community of Instagrammers have fun during the momentous event. They were greatly blessed as well with the presence of the Pope and with what he said.

See how these people were inspired. Check out “Pope Francis Inspires the People of Instagram“.

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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15 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    NOT funny.

    • WuTang says:

      Exactly. Not a single one of these instagram posts were funny.

      One Word. ANNOYING.

    • archie says:

      Daming retard at ignorant instagram users, kailangang buhayin ulit ng DOH ang slogan na ‘Walang bobo, walang talo mag-iodized salt tayo”

  2. Ace Soriano says:

    Imbesciles. Imbesciles everywhere.

  3. Sandy says:

    Medyo korni nga… Kelangan ata makapagpost ng article na may mga walang magawa na magco-comment. Isa na pla ako dun. :)

  4. kokocrunch says:

    Amputa imbecile sabe!

  5. archie says:

    Gumagamit ng hashtag na hindi related sa picture. Tang ina ang daming bobong instagram user lol.

  6. Rockafella says:

    Blue raincoat guy is super gay as hell. GTFO

  7. Cho-Kulit says:

    Embissile! LOL!

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