Samsung Ace SGH i780: A Quick Review

Sometime November last year, Samsung announced the second generation of their Blackjack smartphone.

Unlike it’s Blackjack predecessor, the new Samsung Ace (model SGH i780) is more sturdy, metallic and thus heavier by several grams (that’s 116g vs. 105g but it feels much much heavier to the hands). The dimensions are larger to with thickness just over 1mm more than the original 11.8mm Blackjack.

Samsung BlackJack II

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The scroll wheel on the side is gone and is now replaced by a square touchpad in the middle (which controls the mouse pointer) plus a full touch-screen functionality. Now you have two ways to navigate and you don’t need a stylus to use the touchscreen. It takes some time to get to familiarize with the navigation and menu.

Samsung BlackJack II

The keypad orientation is basically the same, though the numeric buttons were placed closer to each other. All the other essential features of the old one are the same — HSDPA, Windows Mobile 6, 155MB internal memory + external microSD slot, 2MP camera (dual), Bluetooth and WiFi.

Samsung BlackJack 2

Some local stores carry the unit with retail price of around Php21,000.

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10 Responses

  1. tallie says:

    im so in love with this 4n…its my second best frm iphone.u shld try it guys its great

  2. Darrell James says:

    sounds like crap. I’ll still stick to BlackBerry.

  3. Fong says:

    I bought the i780 in Malaysia and was told the same thing. However, after doing some search online, realised it was a matter of configuring the GPS ports from the GPS Intermediate Driver to one of the 9 com ports and voila – everything works. From Google Maps to Garmin (Samsung Mobile Navigator, which, unfortunately, the i780 doesn’t come with in Southeast Asia.)

  4. Andrew says:

    Im thinking of buying the SGH-i780 but I have a few questions about GPS. Do the units that are sold in Manila have GPS? The website was pretty clear that the unit has GPS BUT when I asked the salesladies at the Samsung store, they said it didnt have GPS. So I showed them the manual which said it has, but they still insisted that it doesn’t. Any thoughts?

  5. Sophi says:

    do you think this is better than the sony ericsson p990i? i’m having trouble deciding :)

    and is the price tag (PHP 21,000) that you mentioned those that are offered by authorized samsung dealers here in manila? thanks!

  6. R Martinez says:

    Thanks to you Abe, I finally decided to retire my Treo650. i780 is a perfect phone for me and the internet sharing works with Mac, flawlessly!

    And i love the GPS function using Google Maps! I actually didn’t know much about the GPS until I read about it while at work today..

  7. Abe Olandres says:

    Yup, it’s the i780 indeed. I stand corrected. Was actually surprised when it was showed to me that it was a little different than the BlackJack 2 originally reported here. Only had a couple of hours playing with it after a friend lent it to me.

  8. Nil Angsioco says:

    Oops, don’t mind my previous question… i just found it. Thanks anyway.

  9. Nil Angsioco says:

    IS this the same as the Samsung i780?
    Found at…

  10. i still love my old i600

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