The Cheapest Canon dSLR Camera

The Cheapest Canon dSLR Camera

Got this new Canon dSLR from a good friend a week ago. This was their gift to me for doing their prenup shots I featured on my photoblog a month ago. I don’t know which model it is though. See pictures after the jump.

It’s cute and probably the cheapest dSLR you’d ever get so it’s a great idea as a gift. Just click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.


Canon dSLR Canon dSLR
Canon dSLR Canon dSLR

Oh, I forgot to say it’s made out of clay, weighs an ounce and no bigger than a two-peso coin in diameter. I believe these clay models are being sold on Multiply by some artistic Pinoy entrepreneur. Cool, huh?

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39 Responses

  1. vance says:

    hmm… theres always a catch in the end hahahahaha..

    Hmm maybe that is a canon EOS Rebel XTi DSLR or 40D hehe.

  2. elmer says:

    that’s a great idea..very creative (claygadgetry??). you know some people love their gadgets more than their pets!..

  3. L.A says:

    Kawaii! I want one too…any link on the Multiply account of the seller?

  4. deuts says:

    Cool, I want one too, where can I get one? :D

  5. noemi says:

    I still want to buy a dlsr! i can’t decide which brand though.

  6. Ha ha ha.. I thought it was real..

  7. That is definitely a Canon 40D. The Rebel series don’t have click wheels unlike the 10D, 20D, 30D and 40D.

    What is the shutter count on this one Abe? ;-)

  8. Jeffrey says:

    noemi – if you want the cheapest DSLR, then go for Nikon D40 (21k-23k Hidalgo price).

  9. ash says:

    wow. cute. i think i can afford that. :)

  10. Ambo says:

    hahahaha you got me there!

  11. Yoru says:

    I was supposed to ask “how much is it” then I remember I saw them somewhere before. :D

  12. tiff k says:

    lolz! you got me there, really love it though! haha

  13. Coy says:

    this is a nice gift… I wish i knew where to buy some. Got any idea? …

    Any info would be appreciated.

  14. Hahahaha nice one..I thought it was real..the clay camera is quite realistic. Impressive!

  15. Charmayne says:

    wow! you got me there. :))

    nice work btw. :D

  16. mm says:

    nyek! it’s a clay :P

  17. With all the details, I also thought it was a real camera

  18. umm.. says:

    very cute..

  19. cheapee says:

    you got me there hahahaha

  20. jehzlau says:

    hahaha.. cheap nga.. wooot! :D kala ko totoo :D

  21. princess says:

    do u still have the multiply site?

  22. BRB says:

    cool. you got me there! hehe
    hope you can post the multiply site here too.

  23. Enah Cruz says:

    Rawr! I thought it was the cheapest DSLR for reals. XD

  24. Meikah says:

    I thought it was the real thing! =)

  25. katrina says:

    wow that really cool t thought it was real…

  26. vicky says:

    wow i thought it was real hahaha…buti i scroll down pa. we were actually looking for a real dslr kasi sana hehe

  27. nuts says:

    wow, cool..haha. fantastic work of art. i thought i’ve found the cheapest dslr here!

  28. tam says:

    may i know if camera shops on hidalgo accepts credit cards and 12 months to pay? Thank you.

  29. photo says:

    Hey this is really a great forum. Thanks in advance.

  30. Jhasz says:

    i want to buy one as well. but i can’t seem to find it in multiple. help!

  31. PRIVATE ONE says:

    I really want to buy one but I cant even though I really want it. Maybe someday I can buy one. :|

  32. PRIVATE ONE says:

    I cant` tell my parents that one, maybe they would get mad. :|

  33. belial says:

    yeah,, u fooled me :D

  34. Wow! I really love one..I am really looking for cheapest dslr for my own!..thanks for the post!

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