Samsung dethrones Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker

Samsung dethrones Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker

Recently, Samsung released its Q4 report for 2017 and the result shows that it has defeated Intel as the world’s largest chip manufacturer.

Samsung has earned a total revenue of $69 billion in 2017, defeating Intel’s $62.9 billion revenue last year which is a record year for Intel as it had an annual increase of six percent. Intel has been on top since 1992 not until Samsung took the crown and beat Intel on a quarterly basis. Samsung’s focus on mobile, specifically on memory chips, has played a vital role in change of position despite the fact that Intel’s chip covered 90% of world’s computers today.


Overall, Samsung had a full-year revenue of KRW 239.58 trillion and full-year operating profit of KRW 53.65 trillion.

Source: TechCrunch


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2 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    idk, based on the report itself, intel still ‘covers 90% of world’s computers today’ so in essence, samsung is bigger than intel in ‘revenues only’…

  2. Alfie Miras says:

    intel – 90% for computers only
    samsung > intel for computers AND mobile.

    read the entire article.

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