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Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 vs Galaxy S i9000

Now this one is pretty interesting. People have been asking if the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 is worth the upgrade if they currently own the old Galaxy S i9000. Here’s a closer look and comparison between the two.

The official specs sheet would look like this:

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Samsung Galaxy S i9000
Dual-core 1GHz Samsung Exynos 4210 1GHz ARM Cortex A8
ARM Mali-400 MP PowerVR SGX540
4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus (480×800) 4.0-inch Super AMOLED (480×800)
16GB/32GB storage, 1GB RAM 8GB/16GB storage, 512 RAM
microSD up to 32GB microSD up to 32GB
8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash 5 MP autofocus camera
1080p @ 30fps video recording 720p @ 30fps video recording
2 MP front camera for video calls VGA front camera for video calls
Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread Android OS 2.2 Froyo
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, WiFi Direct WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; DLNA
125.3mm x 66.1mm x 8.48mm 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm
116 grams 119 grams
TouchWiz 4.0 UI TouchWiz 3.0 UI

However, a closer inspection with the devices at hand gives us a much more detailed information {all the apps I used could not point-point the specific CPU used on the SGS2 and it’s still showing ARMv7 Processot rev1 (v7l) }:

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Samsung Galaxy S i9000
200MHz (min) to 1,000MHz (max) 100MHz (min) to 1,000MHz (max)
833MB System Memory 304MB System Memory
98MB System Cache 30MB System Cache
504MB System Storage 295MB System Storage
1.97GB Internal Storage 1.87GB Internal Storage
11.5GB Internal SD Card 13.43GB Internal SD Card
Refresh Rate: 60Hz Refresh Rate: 68Hz

Click on image to see bigger version.

Also did a number of benchmarks using Quadrant and Antutu System Benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Samsung Galaxy S i9000
Memory Score: 752 Memory Score: 341
CPU Integer: 1157 CPU Integer: 606
CPU Float: 1024 CPU Float: 145
2D Graphics: 149 2D Graphics: 148
3D Graphics: 209 3D Graphics: 305
Database IO: 165 Database IO: 50
SD Card Write: 13.1MB/s SD Card Write: 5.7MB/s
SD Card Read: 48.2MB/s SD Card Read: 9.3MB/s
Antutu Score: 3784 Antutu Score: 1745
Quadrant Score : 2622 Quadrant Score: 952

What’s a bit interesting is that the results from the Antutu System Benchmarks showed the PowerVR SGX540 having a higher score than the Mali-400 MP while the SGS2 beat the old SGS on all other aspects in the benchmark. Still looking for a more GPU-specific benchmark tool to test both of them (will post update when that’s done).

The SGS2 also comes with 9 sensors, compared to the 5 from the old SGS:

K3DH Acceleration Sensor
AK8975 Magnetic field Sensor
AK8975 Orientation Sensor
CM3663 Light Sensor
CM 3663 Proximity Sensor
K3G Gyroscope Sensor
Gravity Sensor
Linear Acceleration Sensor
Rotation Vector Sensor

One can only imagine how applications and games can use these sensors to give a better user experience.

See review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the first-gen Samsung Galaxy S.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

30 Responses

  1. Avatar for Galaxy S Plus, The Samsung Galaxy S Plus ” I9001?. Upgraded version of the older Galaxy S/I9000 Galaxy S Plus, The Samsung Galaxy S Plus ” I9001?. Upgraded version of the older Galaxy S/I9000 says:

    Thank you for some other excellent publish. Exactly where in addition might any individual get that style of information and facts in this particular fantastic way with words? I get a business presentation future full week, with this particular with the look for such information.

  2. Avatar for dukeza dukeza says:

    wow. is it really possible to upgrade my sgs to sgs2? i am so inlove with my SGS i9000!

  3. Avatar for jota jota says:

    I don’t know why no one talks about the horrible color banding that the S2 displays!!! It looks like a 16bit gadget. The markting arround S2 is doing so well that no reviews tal about this! For the folks that are thinking to buy the S2, just do your self a favor and compare the image quality with the S1 and you will see that the Super Amoled Plus is not so Plus after all … I even doubt it is still Super LOL

  4. Avatar for Tankado Tankado says:

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy S and it’s quite close to my Quadrant score, with mine not overclocked but only having a “lagfix” to address the issue of the slow custom file system used by Samsung for their phones.

    CPU: 1553
    Mem: 1553
    I/O: 5451
    2D: 303
    3D: 899
    Quadrant Score: 1952

    But sadly, no Gingerbread love yet. Also, the plastic back really feels very awkward.

  5. Avatar for Mondeq Mondeq says:

    Does anyone have latest info about the android 2.3 update for the SGS?

  6. Avatar for light light says:

    The greenhills website says that SGS 2 costs around 12,000-13,200php. That’s most probably a typo. Though I hope it’s not ;)


  7. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    I can’t wait till Samsung throws a party ni the PH too! | Samsung Galaxy S II launches in South Korea and the UK | http://bit.ly/mry4z1

  8. Avatar for iyon! iyon! says:

    prototype p lng ung SG2 ganyan na kaagad ung Gap ng Results between SG1…partida my software cap pa ung SG2…pano pa kya ung retail version mas malakas pa…

  9. Avatar for conundrum conundrum says:

    sana pag nag-compare ng phones gumamit ng mga benchmark apps, hindi angry birds! may human intervention factor pa pano pag hindi sabay pagpindot :|

  10. Avatar for jyn jyn says:

    question for samsung touchscreen phone users. i noticed that samsung phones have a tendency to loose the sensitivity of the touchscreen or the control becomes laggy after a while of use. can anyone verify or refute? my old omnia became less sensitive to commands and a bit laggy after a while. this is one of my main issues with samsung touch phones.

    • Avatar for hello hello says:

      It’s not really ‘losing’ sensitivity, you might have installed a lot of apps or something heavy for it to lag. I bet if you reformat it it will be as good as new. Some live wallpapers make it lag too, you can feel the difference. Try to compare the feel when you set a jpeg wallie and compare it to a live wallie.

    • Avatar for jared jared says:

      You have to know what’s the least number of memory space you can have for RAM so it wouldn’t lag, Say for me when using spica, I’m making sure RAM free space is at 30-40 MB so It won’t lag.

  11. Avatar for Wakocoke Wakocoke says:

    sexy beast! though 2012 will be the year of quad core phones!

  12. Avatar for Lezuric Lezuric says:


    this is my benchmark on my SGS-i9000.. im using a mod kernel and a mod rom. But still way far from SGS-2! Saving more to get one. =D

  13. Avatar for Steve Jobs Steve Jobs says:

    Halos lahat ng Smartphone mukhang iPhone na.

  14. Avatar for GrewSober GrewSober says:

    Hi Abe! When is this phone going to be released in the country and any idea as to the price? I am excited to have this phone. I am currenlty using Galaxy Ace.

  15. Avatar for Jonaflormicfren Jonaflormicfren says:

    It has obvious difference that makes the latest lead. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/

  16. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    Yup, me too! I’m going for the orig sgs when sgs2 comes out!

  17. Avatar for mememe mememe says:

    waiting for sgs 2 to be released. para naman bumaba na price ng sgs 1. hindi kaya ng budge ko yung 2 kaya sa 1 na lang ako…sad, sad, sad….

  18. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    I just noticed but when the Galaxy S and S2 are pictured side by side like what you have shown above, you can actually see the uncanny resemblance of the Galaxy S and S2 with the iphone3gs and the iphone4. From the curved edges of the earlier version to the boxier shape of the newer one. It’s as if Samsung follows Apple’s trend when it comes to design.

    • Avatar for tmcr tmcr says:

      Samsung should be the one suing Apple.


    • Avatar for Justin Justin says:

      Not to criticize you tmcr, but hat’s not true at all. Reports I’ve read from the internet say that the F700 was announced at Cebit 2006 but was never shown by Samsung.Apple announced the iPhone during their Macworld Expo on Jan 2007.

      The F700 was officially shown during Feb 2007 at the 3GSM World Congress. Tell me, how would Apple copy a phone design they never saw and was shown one month after the announcement of the iPhone?

      Also, the entire comparison of the two is moot because they’re different phones anyway. The F700 is a feature phone and not a smartphone. You’re comparing Apples and oranges.

      Before criticizing anyone, please get your facts right.

      Source: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/04/19/android_fans_accuse_apple_of_copying_samsung_first.html

    • Avatar for Wakocoke Wakocoke says:

      what the hell Apple? What’s next? Sue phones with touch screen?

    • Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

      From a legal standpoint it doesn’t matter if the f700 is a feature phone. The law on patents doesn’t care about that stuff. further it’s immaterial that the iPhone was launched ahead of samsung’s handset. The fact that they have designs of the f700 prior to the release of apples handset means that they did not infringe on apples patent.
      In reality most of these lawsuits would end up with both parties agreeing on a compromise.

  19. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @Lezuric – will check and upgrade my old SGS. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Avatar for Lezuric Lezuric says:

    Sir Yuga, SGS i9000 is now updated to Gingerbread 2.3.3 JVB. I think there will be SOME* improvements vs SGS i9100. :P

  21. Avatar for oktnxbai oktnxbai says:

    @Yuga: I think you got the third picture wrong.

    As for the head-to-head, SGS still has the beef (still good for another year or so), while the SGS2 on the other hand, continues to double up the hardware capabilities of the phone.

    I’m kinda surprised that Samsung did not include a NFC chip in SGS2. That would only mean that SGS2 joined the band of 2.3 phones that aren’t maximizing the features of 2.3 (read tags) and 2.3.3 (write tags).

    Maybe they planned, but who knows. SGS3 might know the answer.

  22. Avatar for Benchmark Benchmark says:

    well in my opinion, mas ok yung SGS2…a really good upgrade for samsung talaga. Big difference talaga.

    Hay! I hope soon I could avail this kind of phone…yet what will I do with all the power if I will only use it for SMS’ and calls?

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