Apple sets local release of iPad 2 this Friday

Apple sets local release of iPad 2 this Friday

So it looks like the iPad 2 will be officially released in the Philippines this Friday. Now, that’s way earlier than what we expected before. Power Mac Center revealed the local launch date thru their FB page.

Apple PR has not yet responded to our emails for confirmation but an earlier release indicated 13 more countries will get the iPad 2 this April 29, 2011.

The final pricing of the iPad 2 is yet to be announced but we’ll surely know once as Friday nears. If anything else, I expect it to be the same the the suggested retail price of the first iPad.

iPad 2 Prices (estimated)
16GB WiFi – Php23,990
32GB WiFi – Php28,990
64GB WiFi – Php33,990


16GB 3G+WiFi – Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi – Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi – Php40,990

See our full review of the iPad 2 here.

Update: Power Mac Center has pulled out the post on their FB page. Apple PR is very strict about messaging and communications. That FB post has pre-empted Apple in making the announcement. As a premium reseller, Power Mac Center might have violated some Apple policy of sorts.

Update 2: Power Mac rep sent us an email to clarify this announcement. We’ve been asked to remove the statement.

Update 3: Here’s what Power Mac Center posted in their FB Wall instead.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by our earlier post on the iPad 2 availability. Rest assured that Power Mac Center did not breach any protocol which may result in a delay in the imminent arrival of this device in our stores or the country. We are waiting with you for the launch of this exciting product. Thank you!

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87 Responses

  1. Messie says:

    I’ve heard that they will only be releasing a few number of ipad2s on Friday. Acording to PowerMac, they will be allowing overnight campers on Thursday. It sucks, since I have tons of deadlines on Friday and I can’t take a leave or anything just to buy one.. Sana may maabutan pa ako dun on Saturday. =(

    • Joel says:

      This is great news to stop all those crazy prices being offered by iPad 2 sellers out there. This release will stop you’re profiteering rackets!

  2. It is always inspiring to introduce and acquire something new.

  3. sylv3rblade says:

    I wonder if the Ashop will start carrying them as well

    • Messie says:

      According to a very reliable source, this also holds true to other premium apple resellers here in the Philippines. So this is also applicable to Digital Walker, A.Shop, and iStudio. Unfortunately, as in Digital Walker’s case (I called them already), they will only be releasing the ipad2 in 3 branches: Market Market, Galleria, and Robinsons Place Ermita.

  4. Messie says:

    May I say:

    “HAHA! to those shops/sellers selling the ipad2 at 5-10k+ of the SRP!

    Since Apple will be officially launching it here in the Philippines, then you have no choice but to bring down your prices. =P

    • Jologs says:

      I have the same thoughts! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Buti nga sa kanila. Sobra sila mantaga sa presyo, akala siguro nila after 9 months uli ang release. Hehehehe.

    • honeycomb says:

      ang naisip ko naman eh kawawa mga nagpauto sa mamahaling ipad2.

    • Jologs says:

      Ay oo nga! Mas kawawa pala sila. Kaya my principle will always be, wait for all the hype to go down and for the official rlease. That way you get the maximum value for your money and you don’t feed those greedy sellers. Hehehe.

  5. Rommel A. says:

    Good to hear Apple will debut their Ipad 2 in the Philippines earlier than expected.

  6. Calvin says:

    tinanggal ng PMC yung sa wall post nila?

    • Messie says:

      Oo nga ano. I hope it doesn’t mean the launch won’t push through. I have friends who dropped by Powermac yesterday and it was confirmed naman. The people from Digital Walker na tinawagan ko said that it will be out by the end of April.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll drop by the in a bit for a bit :)

  7. gadgetboi says:

    Good news for iPad fans in the Philippines. New iPad. Improved. With cameras and new other stuff.

  8. Carlo says:

    Power Mac Center: Oopppsssss…..

  9. That Guy says:

    PMC really likes deleting stuff on their FB page (from posts to comments…) lol ;) :))

  10. Edwin says:

    Wow! It’s earlier this time. Good for the Philippines.

  11. emily says:

    Aren’t those prices a little optimistic? There’s sure to be a 12% VAT imposed on the units, plus I presume some other customs taxes and duties.

  12. Steve JoBs says:


    brought to you by:

  13. Paulo says:

    If that’s the retail price , then its way way to fairer than those who are currently selling iPad2 here. :D Ang ooverprice sobra nung mga ipad2 dito satin ngaun

  14. ss says:

    mr Yugs, i suggest that you stick to NON-APPLE products.. di ka bagay mag blog tungkol sa mansanas. dun ka nalang sa maging saging

  15. Messie says:

    This is really disappointing. Parang gusto ko na tuloy iyung Asus Eee Pad Transformer. It will be launched Apr. 26 sa US di ba? Not to mention, it is pegged at $400 lang. Saka knowing Asus, it won’t take long naman before they can get it here. They are based naman diyan lang sa Taiwan.

  16. Jacen29 says:

    Question.. sa APR kaya meron din 12 month 0% interest installment?

    bigay kasi pag straight purchase eh

  17. jacen29 says:

    Question.. sa APR kaya meron din 12 month 0% interest installment?

    *Hirap kasi pag straight purchase eh

  18. Joel says:

    Hi Yuga,
    Do you think it’s better for a blogger to get an iPad than a netbook? I would think that a blogger would need a real keyboard and not the touchpad on a screen which is not that useful if you’re typing long paragraphs. Wanna hear what you think. Thanks!

    • Calvin says:

      i’m not really yuga but im also a blogger. get a netbook/notebook first before getting an ipad or any tablet for the matter.

    • santa_claus says:

      It’s really kinda simple, if you need a machine for more than web browsing, email, to play one of 200,000 mindless and useless downloadable games (which you can play on a phone anyway) and social networking crap then buy a “laptop”, otherwise you will regret it.

  19. Marvin says:

    Good News!!! Im actually planning to purchase a tablet next week. although i still prefer an android(honeycomb) tablet cause of the freedom and openness, a wifi only ipad 2 would be enough. hopefully, there would be enough stocks cause i can’t make it on the official launch date.

    Pls do update us Mr. Yuga :)

  20. Jemuel says:

    The largest and most reliable Apple Reseller in the Philippines.
    – Powermac slogan.

    haay. cancelled my order via applestore us. tapos..

  21. grace says:

    it’s still going to be the same thing, i bet. there will be bigger flaws, and i’m betting my bottom dollar there’d be an ipad3 in three or four months. but that’s just me.

  22. The product is amazing with amount that is soaring.

  23. santa_claus says:

    Oh Great, can’t wait,another Apple tablet without USB and unabale to play flash. If I get this then that makes three useless devices in my household – two ipad I’s and one iPad 2. I think I’ll wait for ACER ICONIA A500.

  24. Wingzero says:

    iPad 2 will not only be launched in Apple Stores, they will also launch in Avant Greenbelt4 and Electroworld Parksquare. Simultaneous with the other Apple stores.

    Both these stores already have iPad 1 displays.

  25. Patrick says:

    Imminent delay? PMC Facebook account just placed this: “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by our earlier post on the iPad 2 availability. Rest assured that Power Mac Center did not breach any protocol which may result in a delay in the imminent arrival of this device in our stores or the country. We are waiting with you for the launch of this exciting product. Thank you!”

  26. Name ko says:

    Re apple, unlike other companies, they produce 1 product per year only.

    So for those who likes to change unit every month, buy other brands.

    As to apr on 6 months or 12 months 0% interest, most stores offer that. Credit card companies will be happy to loan you, that’s where they earn esp on delinquent payor.

    • Mat says:

      Apple does, effectively, the same thing by producing a 16, 32, and 64GB variants of the same device as well as the WiFi and WiFi/3G units; 6 variants in all and that means 6 different devices. The argument is this is done to cater to differnt types of users, but the same thing can be said for other manufacturers and products. It can also be argued that more specs options gives the consumer more freedom to choose the right item for their needs. I dont think thats bad.

  27. adiklang says:

    Would go for ipad2 and now selling my iPad1. Hintayin ko rin muna ma PWNED and ipad2 though, so then I can customize it like my iphone. I like its plain and straight forward UI plus Multitouch (not just pinch to zoom). something you can’t do with most of capacitative devices.

  28. boy says:

    there’s a lot of better android tablet than this overprices ipad2 like eee pad transformer and acer that are flash capable. android will have alot of applications soon.

  29. razorous says:

    Wow nice! Improving ah! …sana pag labas ng iPad 3 or 4, or 5 sa US, same exact day sa PH! Wish!

  30. fandroid says:

    @boy hindi ba mas overpriced yung xoom? napilitan lang ibaba haha. flash capable? aanhin mo flash? maglalaro ka sa kung gusto mo mag stream via web meron naman Skyfire na Apps para dyan. And FYI not all android devices can play flash, can’t even stream HULU din same with the iPad haha. Open ba honeycomb? alam ko hindi pa nila niri-release for public ang honeycomb kaya kung pansin mo daming devices ng android table na naka froyo/gingerbread pa lang which is not design for tablet.

    • Jologs says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but yung 3g na xoom is only yung CDMA version diba? If yes, then good luck on making that work over our 3g networks here. Hehehehe.

      I love my iPad but I think I’ll pass on iPad 2. Almost the same lang naman. Will just wait for the next refresh. :)

  31. fandroid says:

    pag naririnig o nakikita ko sa mga post yang flash flash thingy na yan natatawa na lang ako, masyadong FAN sa mga full flash websites? Or baka idagdag pa eh hindi pwede mag transfer via USB? ano ginagawa ng i-funbox, iFile etc, Nag pass ako sa iPad 1 kse walang camera (front cam importante sa akin) and im not going to use/substitute sa real camera.

  32. damo says:

    ipad 2!kkbili ko lng ng ipad last february because
    i thought that irerelease ang ipad2 dto sa philippines sa
    december pa kya..bumili na ako..should i
    upgrade or not..who wants my ipad 32gb wifi ..hehe

  33. Wakocoke says:

    aanhin pa ang iPad2 kung meron namang ASUS Transformer!

    • Jologs says:

      Aanhin ang Transformer kung hanggang tingin lang sa websites dahil wala naman sa Pinas. Bwahahaha!

    • Wakocoke says:

      im sorry but i have mine pre-ordered, will be arriving this week LOL

    • neojan says:

      ano ginagawa mo dito? hanap ka ng thread or forum mo sa basura mong Transformer hahaha get a life wag ka bitter hahaha

  34. Apple is very strict with these things— more so with their authorizes resellers. Need to be more careful next time but yes, we are all awaiting iPad2’s local launch. :)

  35. Apple is very strict with these things— more so with their authorizes resellers. They need to be more careful next time…

    But yes, we are all awaiting iPad2’s local launch. :)

  36. bryan says:

    ^aanhin mo naman ang ASUS Transformer e walang apps na matino? iOS + Jailbreak cant be beaten alam nating lahat ito.

  37. fandroid says:

    oo nga aanhin mo nga naman yan kung pang display lang, lakas ng specs tetris lang naman laman LOL.

    • Jologs says:

      At least may Tetris, e ang iba tablet? Wala kahit Tetris, sayang lang ang specs! Hahahaha!

    • Wakocoke says:

      kawawa naman ang iPad, inferior hardware specs tapos binabayaran nyo ng mahal LOL

    • neojan says:

      kawawa ka naman at nagpo post ka pa dito, haha wala ka mahanap sa transformer mo? haha wala siguro user ikaw lang bwahahahaha

    • Jologs says:

      Naku pagbigyan na yan walang magawa! Hahahaha, papansin sa Transformer nya. Wacko, this is not your place. You keep on trolling. You’re posting idiotic responses. Hindi ka ba nahihiya sa sarili mo? More so, the more you shove your so-called transformer in our faces, the more we want to chew it and spit it out on your face! Do us a favor, find a thread that suits you, where people are actually interested in hearing your opinions.

    • Jologs says:

      Superior nga ang hardware, wala naman pakinabang dahil walang apps! Hahahaha! Teka, kung walang apps ang Transformer mo, anung silbi ng hardware nyan? Bwahahahahaha!

  38. Wakocoke says:

    enjoy your iFart apps!

  39. jologs says:

    What the heck are all these android fanboys doing here? If you dont like the ipad, then cool, just leave us alone and troll your android threads! If we want your opinion, we will ask for it. In the meantime, stfu!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    • Wakocoke says:

      ipad sucks, just admit it LOL

    • Jologs says:

      If I admit that the ipad sucks, lalayas ka na dito? Makukuntento ka na? Sige na, IPAD SUCKS! PANGET AND IPAD! O ayan, lumayas ka na! Siguro naman masaya ka na! Bwahahahaha! Ewan ko ba pero ang sarap mo patulan dahil halatang halatang isa kang mapang-asar na TROLL!

  40. Steve Jobs says:

    Ang importante may maraming options na Apps. Sayang lang kasi sobrang taas nga ng specs eh pang surf sa net at pang display lang naman… Yung mga Adroid Fans, eh wala nga alam ano ang Android.

  41. Wakocoke says:

    I love my Php40,990 picture frame LOL

    • junkyou says:

      I love my $400-ish transformer junk LOL

    • Wakocoke says:

      hahaha too bad your iPad2 is shit compared to my junk Transformer LOL

      miski magrelease ng iCrap (courtesy of Steve Job’s bowel movement) bibilhin nyo pa din! LOL

    • junkme says:

      sige na nga wakocoke panalo ka na.
      but for me, ipad2 talaga kase sobrang dependent ako sa apps. Pero ikaw i think you’re more on specs/full web browsing kaya i understand naman why you chose android. siguro if mapantayan ng android ang ios pagdating sa apps, dyan instant android convert na ako.

    • neojan says:

      hindi siya panalo pre, loser siya haha dapat sa mga taong ganyan wag na pansinin, inggit yan wala siguro pang bili haha…….

  42. db says:

    Hahhaha! Patay ang Powermac!:D

  43. neojan says:

    ako kung hindi ko gusto ang iPad o kung ano mang gadget, hindi ako mag aaksaya ng oras para mag basa, at nakukuha pa nilang mag comment.

  44. msdenvr says:

    bat nila binawi? mukhang irerelease nmn talaga at kahit ang apple store naguupdate daw ngyn, walang items naka post… hindi nmn siguro mag sold out yan db??

  45. abie says:

    Free ipad 2 raffle promo using facebook!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. francis says:

    HI Guys, I’m selling BRAND NEW IPAD2 16GB wifi. 1 unit left.. Hurry up and buy now.. if interested just text me – 0916-5279216

  47. When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I recieve four
    emails with the exact same comment. There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

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    pleassant to read everthing at single place.

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