Samsung i900 Omnia Philippine Price

Samsung i900 Omnia Philippine Price

The much awaited Omnia i900 from Samsung (see specs here) was released in the Philippines yesterday. While everybody is getting frustrated with the supposed Globe iPhone 3G pricing, the Samsung Omnia will definitely be a formidable alternative to the former. The Philippine price is pegged at Php34,000 for the 8GB version and Php38,000 for the 16GB — unlocked and contract free (up to 32GB with external 16GB microSD card).


You can read more about Calvin’s first impressions and coverage over at PTB.

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70 Responses

  1. OMG! I knew I shouldn’t have bought the i780 yet… But then again, I’m perfectly happy with my phone and I’m a QWERTY kind of guy. Hehehe…

  2. I can buy three PSPs with that amount!

  3. @Gwapito
    4 actually, w/o mem sticks of course

    interesting phone.

  4. anonymous says:

    mine, i can buy 4 PSP fat with accessories, games, other peripherals and 4GB memory it only depends if my supplier has stocks but as of now its out

  5. PSP Hacks says:

    Its a iphone 3g killer, real gps (can use tomtom, garmin xt etc) mircosd slot up to 16gb. The iphone is no longer king.

  6. MJ says:

    how much is samsung f700 in Phil?

  7. mandy reasonda says:

    i’ve bought my i900 omnia last september 4, 2008 it’s nice the best of all cellphone, hey there! try it and you feel the best of it…

    it’ me mandy…the cp lover,
    i love my samsung i900 omnia

  8. mimi says:

    just bought the phone.. better than other handsets so far..

  9. benj` says:

    i bought my samsung omnia

    love the phone

    about messaging: ahmm, i’m not fan of the samsung keyboard too narrow..! but overall the best phone so far..

  10. sherie says:

    I love my 16gb omnia too. the only problem is globe doesnt have GPRS setting for omnia yet. I cant use video call and MMS. grrr!!! i tried using the setting for xda but it doesnt work.

  11. Chris says:

    need help on your Omnia’s GPS to navigate within metro manila?

  12. gilly says:

    how can you use gps on the omnia? i tried calling globe they don’t have settings for the omnia for gprs. can anyone help here? thanks!

  13. kim says:

    what’s the latest price for omnia? thanx!

  14. man says:

    i like the i900 omnia because of its slim size and good features, but im still need much money…but i have my samsung phone too, samsung the best…

  15. mark says:

    what’s the latest price for omnia…? tnx

  16. cramlime says:

    Guys how can i know what PDA Version my omnia is using??

  17. cramlime says:

    the latest price of omnia was around 40k+

  18. dj says:

    men, omnia is so good. i bought my samsung onia around 30 k 16gb..bwahahahaha

  19. ervs says:

    Hey DJ, where did you buy your 30k Omnia?

  20. christine says:

    felt cheated coz i just bought samsung soul a week before the omnia was launched. how much is the omnia? i do love my samsung soul but can’t stop thinking of the omnia. .

  21. ehya says:

    nice! I THINK i will love it, anyone selling their samsung omnia?

    call me up


  22. dickan says:


    Omnia is a great phone.can anyone help me configure my Omnia..I am a globe subscriber.I cant figure out how to activate the MMS.Thanks a lot guys

  23. butch says:

    I bought mine 16gig Omnia last Dec. for 32k. No regrets buying it. Can’t say that its an Iphone killer cause of the lack of multi-touch , but with custom ROMs I say that its one of the best WM phones in the market. GPS works like a charm too, I’m currently using garmin and a local philippine map. The only downside for me is that until now Globe doesnt have the gprs settings for the phone, so I can’t maximize it’s full potenial, unless of course i switch to smart.

  24. will,,, actually i just want to buy touch screen phone…one of my choice is iphone3g,second i900 samsung…until now i’m still evaluating the best of the two hi tech phones…

  25. Basti says:

    Good day everyone,

    I’m currently selling my Omnia phone 8gb.. NO DAMAGE and GUARANTE all original part. I love my omnia phone but I need fast money. Maybe we can have some biding here. I’m planning to sell worth 25k you can still bargain just drop me an sms +639165218987 if you dont trust me I can give you my complete address and I can also give my mother phone number.. I just brought this phone at singapore and I need urgent money. thanks guys.


  26. Basti says:

    Im selling my 8gb omnia phone ALL ORIGINAL and brought at singapore just drop me sms at this number +639165218987

  27. emogirlx says:

    i am selling samsung omnia 8g brand new for 25k with 4gb already.. 16gb 27k.. txt me 09159955705..

  28. v says:

    so i cannot browse using samsung omnia without wifi? i cannot use the globeinternet t browse?

  29. jose says:

    how much is brandnew samsung i900?

  30. Untitled says:

    i’m torn between the omnia and the i780..

    i780 is a bang for the buck phone being sold for only Php10.4K BNEW while omnia 8gb is being sold for Php18.7K BNEW..

    the price is what keeps me from buying the’s still too steep although the price is worth it ‘coz of the phone’s feats which overshadows the i780’s..

  31. ricojake says:

    that Php34,000 – Php38,000 price is really outrageous for a Filipino consumer considering that you can buy Omnia i900 for $380-400+ abroad..

  32. Decklan says:

    how can i use the internet & GPS through GPRS?My network is globe.

  33. japon says:

    i bought my samsung i900 last june 24,09,it’s more than an iphone!buy now co’z i bought the price of Php 24,500.00,16gigs in MOA.and i want to buy again the OMNIA II for my wife

  34. y0r94rd14n4n93l says:

    All you need is A working IP, A PORT, And an APN to use a phones web browser. And if you want to go for a free browse,Just use a proxy site… I have manually opened variety of phones for ‘web browsing(globe)’… Most of them are SE and Nokia phones… And samsung is just so rare that i have’nt came across one as complicated as i900 yet… But try visiting the guys there knows much…

  35. Princekc says:

    Got my omnia 2 days ago, and im so in love with it…

    at plan 1,800, i think its a great deal…
    Maybe their preparing to release the HD version soon

  36. pnyorker says:

    i got my omnia last november thru verizon with two year cotract for $150. love the phone. after that, my digital camera, ipod, laptop and gps stay at home now. love it. monthly is $65 for 700mins, 400txs, and unlimited data(internet).

  37. pnyorker says:

    i heard they offer it now for $99 bucks with the same plan.

  38. Jr. Ehrick P. Salgado says:

    Hi.. I have some good news for you friends who are using the Samsung Omnia i900…I have recently configured my MMS and I can now receive and send MMS messages using my Samsung Omnia i900 via SMART Telecom…

    First of all,you have to activate your GPRS/MMS thru Smart (211)… After receiving and saving the config settings you have to modify or configure your MMS by going to “START” “messaging”…after clicking or tapping “messaging” go to “menu” and click or tap “MMS Options”….Under “Data Bearer” select “SmartGPRS” and select done…then ok..

    After doing this, you have to configure your connection settings by going to “START” then click or tap “Settings” then select “Connections”…tap “Advanced” and select “Select Networks”…under “Network Management” select or check “Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using”.. then select “My MMS Networks” then click or tap edit and then check “This network connects to the internet” and also check “This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet”… Under “Proxy Server”… PLEASE ENTER “” then click or tap ok…. Please Reboot your Samsung Omnia i900 handset… That’s it… Enjoy sending and receiving MMS videos and images…. I will soon publiah to you the config settings on how to make VIDEO CALL… Good Luck

  39. Jr. Ehrick P. Salgado says:

    I am selling my SAMSUNG OMNIA 16GB slightly used which i bought last month for 25 thousand only.. please call or txt me at 09088910322…

  40. Nix says:

    Anyone having problems with call drops in omnia i900? every 1 min my calls keep on disconnecting.

  41. fairlady says:

    hi much now is the samsung omnia? palnning to buy it..thank you..

  42. caseymontero says:

    thanks for this Samsung i900 Omnia Philippine Prices this is what i’m looking for.

  43. mpoi says:

    i’m selling samsung omnia 1900 slightly used for 17k..
    text me if interested (09081658224)

  44. norilyn says:

    hi guys!
    may i noe f how much is the price of samsung omnia i900 today? and how can i put info. or document like in PDA? i want it like a gadgets for nursing student…

  45. kai says:

    do you guys know what is the price of Samsung i900 omnia as of January 2010?(or december 2009) in the philippines?please and thank you!..

  46. @Kai says:

    as of late ’09 nov-dec. price of a 16gb omnia is around 19K online. not sure regarding the availability of the unit. for more info on prices you could check out and for cheers!

  47. Hsien says:


    as of late ’09 nov-dec. price of a 16gb omnia is around 19K online. not sure regarding the availability of the unit. for more info on prices you could check out and for cheers!

  48. kai says:


    thank you!!!

  49. @dray says:

    How much is the latest price of samsung sgh I900 in jan-feb-march 2010?….

    I am planning to let my dad by this one for me.. ^^…

  50. cramlime says:

    @dray… around 23k-25k SM North Edsa Cyberzone…

  51. Dray says:

    I though around 17k-19k now… too bad… still expensive …. is this site selling brand new phones?

    hoping for your fast reply..

  52. arjay says:

    guys.. ask k lng if my fake n omnia i900? china phone for short..

  53. Hsien says:


    if you are talking about a locally made winmo full touch screen phone then the answer is yes there is one available under the cherry mobile brand (sorry forgot the model, just browse their website). Not sure if the performance would be at par, or at least close to branded ones, but its main selling point is the price, dual sim feat, and winmo 6.5 OS (according to the product specs). Hope this helps.

  54. joyce says:

    i am selling my samsung omnia 8gb… 10k… philippines.

  55. joyce says:

    it is still negotiable though..

  56. gil says:

    ask ko lang may fake ba na omnia i900 kc pansin ko lang sa upper left side ng screen may nka indicate na 8GB or 16GB …. pero un iba wala … ano ba tlga un orig na omnia i900 un may nk indicate na 8gb or un wala PLEASE TEXT ME 09297341995

  57. Bibin says:

    Joyce, where are you in Phils?

  58. elizabeth palunday says:

    im selling my samsung omniai900 16 gig with box manual, cd installer, headset, chrger…. txt me 09202364571, 12k from philippines.

  59. elizabeth palunday says:

    joyce. gnyn din un akin un iba ‘my nkaindicate n 8 gig or 16 gig.. un iba mern un iba wala.. ksi nkita ko din s net un mga picture ng smsung ala din nklgy kung ilng gig.. mllman mo nmn if china un phne eh.. s touch plng then s itsura..

  60. abbey says:

    im selling my samsung i900 omnia for 8.5k:)

  61. abbey says:

    8gb, with charger, earphones, manual,CD, box.. 85% smooth:)

  62. dimple says:

    i have my samsung i900 for only 6k..who wants to buy?

  63. dimple says:

    i have my samsung i900 16gb for only 6k..who wants to buy?

  64. analyn says:

    meron din ako i900 nabili ko lang 4k maganda pero nahihirapan ako gumamit..

  65. KING says:


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