Samsung will soon tell us why its Galaxy Note 7 catches fire

Samsung will soon tell us why its Galaxy Note 7 catches fire

Samsung has been looking into the catastrophic event of its discontinued flagship smartphone and they promised to show the results of the findings to the public soon.


Since the failed replacement program of the Galaxy Note 7, it’s been a big problem for the company especially that it resulted in a complete recall and refund of the handset.


Samsung is working with a state-run lab as well as product safety agencies in the United States and South Korea to investigate the cause of the fires. Initially, they thought that the batteries could be the main culprit but even after replacing it with different cells, the unfortunate accidents still happen.

We can expect the results of the finding to be out next month.


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2 Responses

  1. DPTHEDOPE says:

    wonder why note 5 didn’t catches fire? because it has no iris scanner and no improved s pen.

  2. Chris says:

    Charging system, contacts too near and body too airtight, clearance sacrificed due to placement of s-pen, contributing to the note7 fire issue, this is my guess…

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