Signs that it's time to get a new smartphone

Signs that it’s time to get a new smartphone

Like what we’ve been mentioning in our previous articles, it’s not every year that you’ll need a brand new phone. If the old one still works, then keep it for as long as you like. However, there will come a time when you’ll have to dispose of the old one for the new. If you need help in making that decision, here are the signs that it’s time to get a new phone.

It’s already sluggish

Performance is one of the reasons you chose that phone you’re using right now. It is probably running at its best at the time of purchase, but over time it can get sluggish due to a number of reasons like apps becoming more demanding to resources or software updates. If you noticed that it’s having a hard time running even the most basic apps like social media apps or features like the camera, then I guess it’s time to look for a replacement with that can keep up with your tasks. On the other hand, you might want to try these Android tips to see if you can get it to run properly again.

It’s no longer supported by the manufacturer

There are devices that after a period of time is no longer supported by the manufacturer and will be considered obsolete. Don’t worry though as it will take years before that happens. If you managed to keep your device running for that long, congratulations, but if the manufacturer has already pulled the plug, then you’ll have a hard time getting it repaired if it breaks as they will no longer order spare parts or simply refuse to repair it.

The battery is bloated or no longer working properly


The battery is probably is one of the fastest deteriorating component of a smartphone. Most smartphone batteries run well in the first two years then they start to deteriorate. By then you’ll notice that it drains faster than usual. Some batteries will start to bloat which is a clear indication that you should replace it right away. The good thing is that batteries are easily replaceable. If it’s a removable battery, just purchase a new one and install it yourself. But if it’s built-in, then you’ll need to bring it to a service center. If replacement is not possible, it’s time to get a new phone.

The OS is too outdated

Some brands will provide software updates for your device for up to two years, which means, after that period, it will no longer receive the latest OS or security updates. However, that doesn’t mean that you should get rid of it. If it’s still running well, you can keep it for as long as you like. However, you will encounter compatibility issues with some apps as some will require newer versions of the OS. (I’m looking at you, Apple!) Once you start having that problem and can no longer enjoy the newer apps, then it’s time to consider an upgrade.

The memory is not enough

Most smartphones released at least a couple of years ago sport limited RAM and storage like 2GB + 16GB/32GB. In today’s standards, those are entry-level and won’t be enough to handle some games and content like Spotify or Netflix downloads. Sure, you can use a microSD card, but that can only help with storing large files and won’t do a lot regarding the overall performance especially if you have plenty of apps to install. If your smartphone’s memory can no longer keep up with your demands as a user, then it’s time for a new phone.

Fixing it costs more

I have heard stories from friends on how they were able to keep their old devices running by simply having it repaired. Got a cracked screen or a problematic battery? Just head to a service center or a local technician and have it replaced. However, there are some cases where the cost of having it fixed is too much that you’re better off shelling out a few more bucks for a new one.

With prices of phones skyrocketing, it’s only practical that we keep our current devices for as long as we can. But if it’s already causing you headaches, then it’s time to get a new one.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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3 Responses

  1. Ronald Gonzales says:

    Yeah I agree but I was quite disappointed with my p10 only a year and a half after I bought it (brand new) the battery is already bloated ?

    • Mat says:

      Despite what the article says, batteries tend to show its age after a year if its not treated with ideal care.

  2. Giann says:

    Hi there Yugatech, I have 3 mobile phones in my possession. The first one was the FlashPlus 2, its been 3 years that I using that phone as a pocket wifi It went very well despite the phone will turning its 4th year this 2020. Right now my Flash Plus 2 battery had been weak and its the right time for me to replace its battery for a newer and better capacity so that I could still increase its life span. My second phone that I used as my primary was the Mi A1. The Mi AndroidOne battery on my usage there was no problem at all as long I follow the right battery drain percentage to recharge the battery starting to 38%-40% all the way to 90-100%… My newest just bought it last August 2019 was a Xiaomi flagship killer the Mi9T Pro, I say that base on my initial experience anything that you could trow on this beast it can performed brilliantly well and it can compete other flagship out there. The battery usage on Mi9T Pro under the MIUI, it can tweak depending on the user settings. Caring battery life and extended its life span I do the same thing on what I am doing to charge my AndroidOne..

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