Smart Bands/Watches look out, Keychains are also getting smarter

Smart Bands/Watches look out, Keychains are also getting smarter

These days, smart bands and smart watches are all the rage. But Dr. Ezzat Bakhoum, a professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Florida, seems uninterested with this entire wearable fad and thinks that consumers are better off using his invention, the Smart Keychain.

The Smart Keychain, which can be seen at Indiegogo, is a multi-purpose accessory that pairs to a user’s device via Bluetooth. It can alert users about upcoming Calendar events, notify them about new email, as well as help them find their keys through a free companion app.

Furthermore, the Smart Keychain also doubles as a storage device with its built-in flash-based memory module. Consumers can choose from three (8, 16 and 32) storage capacities.


Here’s a short video that showcases the Smart Keychain in action:

If the team reach their USD300,000 target by 21st of August of this year, the Smart Keychain will also get Health/Fitness tracker function which measures the distance that users travelled and how much calories the user burnt in doing so.

Interested parties can find out more information about the Smart Keychain by heading over to its Indiegogo campaign page found on the source link below.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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5 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Maraming undergrad thesis at dissertation sa grad school (engineering) dito sa Pinas ang may mga ganitong level na innovation. Sayang lang at di naeexplore. May mga kickstarter programs ba tayo dito sa pinas? Siguro kailangan din ifeature ng Yugatech yan.

    • wew says:

      sad to say,hindi gagana ang “kickstarter” sa Pilipinas.May napanood ako sa isang show,pag sa US daw,basta may idea ka na maganda,popondohan ka ng ibang tao.Dito sa pinas,kailangan may mapatunayan ka muna(meaning kailangan magawa mo ung product mo at dapat makabenta ng madami) bago ka sa una pa lang wala nang mapatunayan ung mga may ideas dahilw alang pondo pangmaterialize ng ideas nila.

  2. Ngangot says:

    This new gadget is kinda like a reincarnation of the Pocket Beeper, that existed prior to Cellphones. but it does more than just notify you of a calendar event or whatever shit you might have missed.

  3. Rainbow Rat says:

    I agree with Easy E.. let’s feature more of local innovations. Sayang kase walang funding and exposure. I think featuring them here would do them good and would benefit everyone.

  4. lawrence says:

    I have a Sony Smartwatch. I wouldn’t replace it with a smart keychain. unless I finally decide to always hold my keychain in my hands wherever I go, whatever I’m doing. hehe :-P

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