Sony announces Xperia GX with 13MP camera

Sony announces Xperia GX with 13MP camera

Sony just announced in Japan what could be the successor to the XPeria S, the 4.6-inch Sony XPeria GX packing a 13-megapixel shooter and running on ICS.

The body of the XPeria GX is thinner and closely resembles the curved shape of the Xperia Arc S.


Sony did not share full details of the hardware specifications but we can derive a better picture once we combine it with what we already know from the Xperia S.

Sony Xperia GX LT29i specs:
4.6-inch HD Reality Display @ 1280×720 pixels
Mobile Bravia Engine
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor
1.5GB built-in storage
16GB external storage (non-removable)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA
Bluetooth 2.1
NFC support
GPS w/ aGPS support
13MP rear camera w/ LED flash
1080p video recording
micro-HDMI out
Android 4.0 ICS

So the difference between the Xperia GX and the Xperia S is the bigger screen, higher MP camera and Android ICS. The only letdown is Sony placed a 16GB internal storage compared to the 32GB on the Xperia S. It’s possible though that they already put a microSD card slot in here.

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19 Responses

  1. sexbat says:

    can you do a review on ALCATEL SAPPHIRE HD?? ts an affordable phone with decent specs, thanks , more power yugatech

  2. Excellent and eager to know the detail with price and seems to be compete into the market..

  3. mx says:

    i think it will be dual core 1.5 s4 sir, not s3

  4. sonya says:

    Not quad core? Tsk.

    • John says:

      I tend to self loathe myself for the noobs that say “moar corez are better”. Oh wow. On the benchmarks and core performances, the dual core S4, you sincerely hate, beats the shit out of the the quad core Tegra 3.

    • mx says:

      couldn’t agree more..

    • r41 says:

      Informed people will typically scream for ‘moar corez!’

      However educated people know better. :) You can’t magically create a better smartphone experience by throwing in more cores – it’s much more complicated than that. ;)

  5. Jan says:

    this is only available in Japan..

  6. arc S says:

    guys, which of the two you think looks better? this phone or the xperia arc /arc S?

    • Jan says:

      you know what,sony ericsson/sony is very good in the design department. so if you’re looking for a sony phone, just compare it’s hardware specs that suits you. cause design wise to be honest,sony ericsson is a top notch.

  7. John says:

    This phone is sexay. Um ok. I might be getting this instead of the One X. Sexy design, 13 MP camera. And… I love the dual core S4 more than the Tegra 3 !!

  8. mx says:

    changed my mind im getting this one instead of the new galaxy s3.

  9. aze says:

    i hope this comes with LTE and expandable micro SD. im really impressed on benchmark results of snapdragon s4, almost beating tegra3 quad core in every test. cant wait for the official specs. yey galing napansin ko lang lahat nung bagong flagship android ngayon iisa na lang ang resolution nila, good news for android community.

  10. bakit naman 16gb lang ang memory? Sana pag nilabas sa international market iexpand nila up to 32-64gb.

  11. steelicon says:

    Sony Mobile Xperia Ion LT28i

  12. informant says:

    @tsismosng bata
    Ok na yung 16GB na phone memory kasi 1GB naman ung internal memory nya eh tapos may SD slot pa, san ka pa?

  13. Mhimi says:

    Do they have plans on selling this here in PH? I’m craving for it.

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