Specs Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Note Pro vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Specs Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Note Pro vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

With Xiaomi announcing their phablet with premium specs and affordable price tag, they’re obviously going after and competing against other manufacturers in the same scene. One of them is Apple with its iPhone 6 Plus. Let’s take a look at the side-by-side comparison of both their specs.

Xiaomi Mi Note ProApple iPhone 6 Plus
5.7-inch Quad HD display @ 2560 x 1440 resolution5.5-inch IPS LCD display @ 1920 x 1080 resolution
Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + Dual-glass with 2.5D front and 3D rear glassCorning Gorilla Glass 3
64-bit Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor (2.0GHz Cortex-A57 quad-core/1.5GHz Cortex-A53 quad-core)1.4GHz Apple A8 dual-core Cyclone processor
Adreno 430 GPUPowerVR GX6450 quad-core GPU
64GB eMMC 5.0 Flash storage16/64/128GB internal storage
13-megapixel rear camera with Sony IMX214 sensor, OIS, and dual-tone flash8-megapixel rear camera w/ dual-tone LED flash and OIS
4-megapixel front camera with 1/3-inch sensor1.2-megapixel front camera
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/nWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
N/ANFC (Apple Pay)
Bluetooth 4.1Bluetooth 4.0, LE
ESS ES9018K2M mobile Hi-Fi Edition sound processorFingerprint sensor, UV sensor, Heart rate monitor
3,000mAh battery2,915mAh Li-Po battery
Android 5.0 LollipopiOS 8
155.1 x 77.6 x 6.95mm158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm
161 g172 g
CNY3,299 (around Php24K)64GB (Grey) - Php52,300 via Lazada

In favor of Mi Note Pro:

  • Bigger display size
  • Quad HD screen resolution
  • More pixel count
  • Better glass design
  • Powerful Snapdragon 810 processor
  • Larger megapixel count on rear and front cameras
  • Hi-Fi sound processor
  • Thinner form factor
  • Lighter
  • Way more affordable

In favor of iPhone 6 Plus:


  • Can go up to 128GB storage
  • NFC (Apple Pay)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • UV sensor
  • Heart rate monitor

On paper, the iPhone 6 Plus’ specs are a far cry compared to that of Xiaomi Mi Note Pro’s. Same is the case for both their pricing with the Note Pro being much more affordable than the iPhone. But since we know that the iPhone’s decent specs work together more efficiently than other higher spec’d internals, it will all just boil down to user experience to prove whether the Mi Note Pro is indeed the iPhone 6 Plus killer.

What do you think?

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{Photos: Phone Arena}

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15 Responses

  1. LOLlipop says:

    Funny how people rely on specs difference to conclude which phone is better. What’s the use of your high-end specs if the device crashes, lags, etc. Madali pang masira and overtime shows signs na kailangan ng palitan. Problem is, we pay for specs that are not even used by many consumers. They are WOWed by the numbers on paper but the question is, does it matter? If it does matter, are those being justified?

  2. LMAO says:

    I think you should have a mobile Web version

  3. CrapBull says:

    I’m not an Apple fan but knowing that the Hardware and Software should work together, that’s why Apple has low specs but IS still way beyond when it comes to performance. Dami kasi nasisilaw sa specs, dun nalang sila nagbabase most of the time.

  4. malaslang says:

    Well i already use both apple device and android device maganda lang sa apple kahit low specs di ka makakaranas ng lags on the other hand mas cheaper c android compaire mo kay iphone… just imagine 20+k compaire mo sa apple na 50+k ang price tag… double ang price… saka madami kang customization na pwedeng gawin sa andoid device compaire sa apple… in short boring… movie pa lang kay apple pahirapan na para maplay mo sa apple device magcoconvert ka pa at papadaanin mo pa sa itunes sa android ilagay mo lang sa device mo at iplay mo ok na… ganon din sa music…saka natural lang na may magcrush at maglag sa mga apps ng android simple lang dahil di naman nakadesign ang android apps sa iisang brand lang… compaire mo sa apple na kanila lang talaga ung apps and game nila… at madami pang advantage ang android sa apple

  5. zhizoicz says:

    i dont’t think na dapat pinagcocompare yang dalawa, even if both phones have exactly the same specs, magkaiba pa rin ang user experience sa paggamit ng isang iOS device vs android… personal preference at ease of use pa rin ang magiging deciding factor dyan…

    -android user here

  6. Pope says:

    Iphone 6 killer? They don’t cater to the same market. Pointless comparison. It’s like comparing SPORTS CARS vs LUXURY CARS and saying that specs wise and speed wise, a sports car is better because it’s faster and cheaper. You cannot simply say that a cheap and faster Civic SIR worth 300k is better than a 3M worth slower BMW 3-Series. It’s all about the target audience and consumer preference.

  7. Biasyuga says:

    Idiot and bias writer using Lazada’s price for the iPhone 6 Plus. Wala bang price sa official Apple Store PH? Idiot.

  8. Jenkins says:

    The comparison is not even. It is very obvious that Mi Note Pro has the edge. What is

    important here is the EXPERIENCE brought about by manufacturers and I think Apple, has

    done their job. I dont have an iPhone because first, I dont have the guts to shell out that

    much and its just not suited to my lifestyle. iPhones are considered as classic, much like

    Rolex, Ferrari, you know that. Do you think Rolex need fancy battery operated GPS,

    backlights, digital display and touchscreen? Nah!! Android devices are just as good wooing

    customers using over the top specifications as it is considered hype these days. Whats your

    say, author? Btw, I own a humble Zenfone 5 and a Samsung basic phone. Stop this ridiculous

    comparison, just my opinion.

  9. patrick says:

    in the end its still iphone over cellphone, just like mel tiangco said yesterday while they are taking picture during the mass of phone “tinataas nila yung kanilang iphone at cellphone” natawa aako kasi its iphone at cellphone lang sinabi hahaha, parang mga mumurahing cp lang yan na disposable

  10. Kannuchi says:

    After reading several articles like these, it shows that Apple did a great job, creating the trademark in mobile technology. This is the same as what Colgate is being coined when buying toothpaste, or Coke for softdrinks.

  11. Clint says:

    Iphone 6s may be underdog but the quality and realiability still has it. Wag masilaw sa specs. Crash lags viruses ive encountered from previuos mayabang android phones. Tsk tsk

  12. Xoxo says:


  13. Renzo says:

    Let’s not sisimulan the fact that the specs war also probably forced apple to at least consider competing with their competitors. This comparisons might not make sense to a lot of readers of this blog, but non-tech savy people will be able to learn what exactly a company (specifically apple) is giving consumers for the price that they set.

  14. TiAnoKaron says:

    iPhone – > overpriced for its set of features. Boring interface. Flexibility in playing other video formats is really bad, even when using third-party video players. No slot for extra storage when needed. File transfer from non-iDevices cannot be done unless the unit is jailbroken and uses a software for that purpose.

    I disagree with someone’s comment that there are no lags/crashes encountered when playing ganes on an iDevice. This really depends on the game being played. Some still have lags or crashes somewhere while playing the game.

    There are only a few of the features I liked in an iDevice.
    1. Some games/apps are released first on iOS.
    2. Better sound quality when listening to music when using headphones/earphones.

  15. 1cho says:

    Mi Note Pro – all the way
    I can’t wait for Lazada to have this distributed locally.
    And I disagree with the writer and comparing this to an iPhone 6 Plus.
    The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and the rest of the Android flagships are on a higher league of their own, since 2012 pa

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