Specs we hate to see in a Php6K-8K Android smartphone

Specs we hate to see in a Php6K-8K Android smartphone

The Alcatel Flash Plus, ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE500CL, and Lenovo A7000 have set the benchmarks on what an affordable smartphone should be. They all sport competitive specs and features with a price tag ranging between Php6k to Php8K. These gave consumers an idea of what a bang-for-the buck phone is and have frowned upon those that have the following specs especially if they’re more expensive.

1. Outdated dual-Core CPU. There was a time when we considered smartphones with dual-core processors as high-end, but since consumers do more now than just call or text, and Android OS needs better hardware to keep up with features, we’re now looking at newer Intel dual-core and MediaTek quad-core CPUs at the minimum.

2. 1GB RAM. The bigger the number the better. That’s not always the case if we’re talking about CPU cores but when it comes to RAM, that statement is true, especially if you’re on Android and heavy on games. Right now we’re looking at 2GB RAM as the sweet spot set by the three phones mentioned earlier. With how people are using their phones right now, 1GB is not always enough.


3. 2,000mAh battery and below. If smartphone brands want to be hated for releasing a phone in the mentioned price range, putting a below average battery is the surest way to go. What’s the point of releasing a smartphone with all those features if users can only use it for half a day. Pack it with at least 2,500mAh and we’ll call it decent.

4. Sub-HD resolution with poor display. Going back to the standards for the mentioned price range, we hate when a phone that packs a very low resolution and stretch it on a screen of 5-inches. In addition, phones are used for viewing photos and videos so brands should at least give it a display that can produce good colors and viewing angles.

5. Small, non-expandable storage. Considering that the system files take a significant chunk of your internal storage, having a small storage capacity is a huge disadvantage especially if you want to install a lot of apps. That being said, 8GB can now be considered as below average. 16GB is average and acceptable but should have support for microSD.

How about you guys? Tell us what other specs you don’t like to see in a phone if it costs Php7k to Php8K.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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17 Responses

  1. m1 note is sub 8k too vouchers included, hehehe. seriously for another grand meron ng full hd screen and 5 lens camera from samsung. i think the author should consider.

  2. qwerty says:

    You’re promoting that O+ phone though.

  3. Nooooyyyy says:

    “SAMSUNG” Phones. haha

  4. Aeron_1008 says:

    This is so true! Dapat at least mga 1.5Gb ang RAM and 8GB ang minimal internal storage. At least 1.3GHz and Quadcore. HD should be the standard, not qHD. 2,200mah is acceptable enough for minimum juice of battery.

  5. Ron says:

    Nos 1 to 4 sounds like a Sony E-series phone.

  6. LowMemory says:

    Yung apps at games pwedeng ililpat sa usb, para hindi agad maubos yung internal memory

  7. ramg says:

    scratch-resistant display is also a must

  8. jerichmgn says:

    The camera should have atleast 8mp for the rear i think ;D

  9. denise says:

    If specs are really what you are looking for, then go to where these phones originated and made — China. Tapunan na lang tayo dito ng pinaglumaang specs nila. I’ve been using a 3GB RAM phone (with 13mp front AND back camera, HD resolution screen, 16GB ROM, smart screen cover) since March of last year pa which I bought in Hong Kong for just around PHP9k (HKD1,500) dahil binarat ko ng husto, less expensive siguro kung mismong mainland pa. FYI, this is not intended for China bashers.

    • denise says:

      btw, 5-inch screen and quadcore na pala ito. Battery lang ang mejo average at 2800mAh (pero ok lang dahil it came with two batteries) and walang lag kahit anong games.

  10. The best huawei honor 4x and lenovo A7000

  11. Chris says:

    720p display
    8gb storage
    1gb RAM
    no LTE
    poor camera
    no OTG or microSD slot
    below 5″ display
    no warranty

  12. Easy E says:

    If you consider the OS as part of the specification, then i hate to see Jellybean and its older sibs. Kitkat is already old pero ok pa rin naman.

  13. interpolated camera
    poor sound quality
    lots of bloatwares

  14. gr3 says:

    Specs we hate to see: no compass/magnetometer.

  15. Benz says:

    I dont like: built-in battery, no OTA, not scratch resistant, bloatwares, poor sound quality, below 5″ display, poor cam quality, 1gb ram, not LTE:(

  16. nevermind says:

    No LTE?

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