Talk N Text Panalo Phone at Php499

Talk N Text Panalo Phone at Php499

Probably the cheapest phone in the market so far — Talk N Text’s today launched a co-branded mobile handset they aptly called Panalo Phone.

The handsets are simple candybar phones which were co-branded with Cherry Mobile and ZTE. The phones are also locked to the TNT network and it’s highly likely the telco is subsidizing for the cost of the handset.


The one in the photo is one of two cellphones in the Panalo Phone line-up (a Cherry Mobile B1). Single-SIM and very light, they only cost a mere Php499.

I am told they won’t be normally sold in stores but will be targeted to markets in the provinces with a direct-to-home sales approach. So if you’re in the rural areas, expect a knock on the door with one of them sales people peddling Php500 phones to your entire family.

The move should increase cellphone penetration outside the cities and hopefully increase the average monthly usage of prepaid users.

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34 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    If Charlie Sheen has #winning, Talk N Text has #panalo :D

  2. fritz says:

    nice information. so this phone is just for TNT subscribers only?

  3. Harley Son says:

    good for my yaya again! she gave the that i gave her to her daughter!

  4. Erik Gatmaitan says:

    yuga is the best!

  5. Jhay says:

    Just goes to show that despite all the rage in smartphones, there’s still a huge market for basic phones in the countryside.

    Will Globe hit back through it’s TM brand?

  6. Benchmark33 says:

    They are doing what U.S. are doing today…providing “disposable” phones to others.

    Nice move for TnT.

    For sure Globe and Sun will do the same… :-D

  7. Vatch says:

    connected na lahat.

  8. adam says:

    Ok na yung ganyan phone ngayun kasi delikado sa hold up yung mga expensive. Meron me phone yung lumang Nokia 6610 at yun ang nilalabas ko pag nasa jeep.

  9. YOPINTECH says:


  10. curiousGirl says:

    Hopefully, nacheck ng TNT kung may signal ang province na binebentahan nila bago sila kumatok

  11. roiji says:

    sana better ang battery ng B1… i got the cherry mobile P1 and the battery is terrible :(

  12. gumz says:

    Ok na yan… hindi prone sa magnanakaw…

  13. csseyah says:

    Panalo talaga ang magkakaroon ng phone na yan…

  14. ngergrer says:

    i’d rather get the ZTE phone. meron ding SMART branded na phone kit 999 may kasamang huawei na colored phone, at least yun pwedeng palitan yung sim, etong panalo phone hinde. :(

  15. Pam says:

    ano na nangyari sa
    Smart Netphone?

  16. akoto says:

    Nice move TnT! Bring it to the masses!

  17. Jam says:

    Snatcher sa yo na tong #panalo phone ko.

  18. alt-tab boy says:

    bought this yesterday on a smart wireless center and was real disappointed. the keypad of this phone will surely make your thumbs sore…the rubber keypad is just so hard to press. maybe i’ll just plan to give this to my little brother.

  19. Kathleen says:

    I thought this will be available march 21 and only by door to door sales of smart. How come you bought one already?

  20. alt-tab boy says:

    i bought it at a smart wireless center here in sta. lucia grand east. i don’t know why they carrying these phones so early there. out of my sheer curiosity, i just bought it really disappointed with the phone, you see..

  21. tes says:

    wish tnt knock in our door…wish ko lang!!!

  22. Katleen says:

    I checked with SMART and they still have no stocks and I was advised that it will not be sole in Smart Centers.

    @alt-tab- maybe you got a diff phone?

  23. otepsphere says:

    Hmmm… Bakit sa rural areas lang..gusto ko din ma try yan hehe… darating panahon lahat ng tao naka cellphone na..maski bata..hi-tech! :D

  24. marivic yap says: least,no need to have a thousand to own a cp. i will grab one for family use at home. so affordable…

  25. everhard says:

    I Want to change the sim of this phone…
    can any body help?? may nagdidisplay kasi na Sim Unlock Code eh wala naman akong Nilagay na SimCode

  26. nap says:

    bumili ako nung saturday peru nung inuwi ko na eh limited services naman na palagi? pwede ba palitang ng ibang talk n txt sim kasi nakatalk n text naman ung mga kasama ko sa bahay at ok naman signal. ito lang ung may problema. pati dito sa baguio kung saan ako bumili eh naglilimited service din

  27. benjie says:

    disapointed wih the products of cherry,ilang beses naq bumili, xayang lang pera q, kawawa aman aq,;(

  28. CHA says:

    what is the default phone code of this phone ??? thanx .. hop sum1 culd help me.

  29. jed says:

    ano ba naman yang panalo phone, mura nga kaso madalas namang naka display ang no sim card at di ako maka tanggap ng calls.

  30. joheedz says:

    panu po maactivate ung sim ko pra mkaavail ako nung mga bagong promo?

  31. me says:

    parang di naman nakakatulong to…lugi…hindi sulit… pangit naman ng fon nato…kala ko big help,,,h

  32. romy pereyra says:

    anu pa ung code ko sa tnt ito ung num ko 09092827113 anung code yan???

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