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Torque T100 Thrice: Cheapest Triple-SIM

Torque Philippines outs yet another triple-SIM phone — the Torque T100 Thrice — and they’re touting it as the cheapest one of its kind in the market.

The Torque Thrice is quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz with a large 2.0” QCIF LCD 220X176 pixels, a 1.3 MP camera with Video Recorder, Bluetooth, FM Radio, MP3/MP4 player, expandable memory up to 2GB and Customizable SIM Names.

The Torque T100 is the most affordable triple SIM handset in the Philippines to date with a retail price of just Php3,499. Torque’s first triple-SIM phone was the Torque Trinity TQ800 launched earlier this year with an SRP of Php6,499.

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33 Responses

  1. jlapitan says:

    aus to ah.. mura lang..

  2. chrysanSID says:

    ayos to. may pantapat sa cherry mobile.

    the only thing is hopefully it won’t have the same problem as the former (cherry).

  3. Xtian says:

    Based on Aug. 13 Phil Star ad, they have a special promo of this phone on Aug. 20 in Market Market and Robinson’s Place Manila.

  4. Teknisyan says:

    3ple SIM? nice… anyone for a Quad SIM?

  5. jun says:

    this is a great phone if you are talk-text-all day kind of guy.

    it was not for me. i am more like the java apps and games and audio/mp3. these phones seem to have very little internal memory to run apps. also they can do multi-apps/tasks… and maybe their ui needs more user-friendliness. just wishing they could do better on these points.

  6. jun says:

    *they CAN’T do multi-apps/tasks… sorry for they typo

  7. Xtian says:

    Jun, how’d you know this phone cannot do multitasking? This phone hasn’t even been launched or reviewed. Running apps is just about memory, so your external mem card can definitely suffice. Plus, mp3 is common nowadays, shouldn’t be an issue I guess…

  8. jnu says:

    @ JUN; binasa mo ba yung price? do you think may smartphone na 3,500? saan world ka?

  9. Ton says:

    Aside from people who actually sell load, I’m curious how anyone would use three sims online all at the same time. I get the two-sim argument. Office and personal. 2 carrier option when the other loses coverage where you live and the other doesnt. And maybe those can explain the purchase, but three I’m not sure. It’s not just about the sim slots, is it? Otherwise, a – say – twelve sim phone would be “better” tech. So why would one use three sims, when there’s only one user?

  10. manong says:

    “with a large 2.0” QCIF LCD 220X176 pixels”

    i don’t think you can still claim that is large nowadays… and while having 3 sims is good, i wonder the impact on the battery life, maybe 3x faster drain?

    some gadgets may appear more practical, but common sense beats them all…

  11. IanMedina says:

    cheap things aren’t good, good things aren’t cheap.

  12. buyit says:

    why do you guys keep on complaining about battery life. It’s a phone where you can carry all your sim cards with you. And it covers the big 3, sun, smart, globe. Besides you can turn off 2 or 3 sims whichever way you like it, so you can save on battery. In short, its a wallet for your sim cards. So just in case you plan on travelling abroad, this is the phone you should carry with you.

  13. adam says:

    This phone is ok but I think I would still go for Torque TQ800 Trinity. Mas maganda kasi itsura.

  14. Deliza says:

    Ok tu! Is this available in Cagayan de Oro?

  15. Sara says:

    When & where is your next special promo?

  16. Arvi says:

    Hope the famous brand celphones will come up with 4 sim phone instead, since thats the next wish list of some mobile users. Thats good for the four provider we have here in the Philippines like smart/globe/sun & pldt.

  17. Jeanette says:

    I purchased this phone when they have a one day sale at Robinson’s Manila last month. So far so good. The battery at full charge can last long around 4-5 days at standby mode with moderate usage, and another plus is the compatibility of battery and charger with nokia which I have.I just have two issues for this phone:

    1. Other than having to get used with the features of triple sim phones, what’s not user friendly with this phone is when composing a message and a special character is needed, pressing the * sign wont display ALL the special characters contrary to what is mentioned in the user’s manual. instead, you have to press #1 as many times until the character you need appears. If you missed the character by overpressing the #1 key, then, sorry, just start all over again. Tsk!

    2. Although this phone is supposedly configured for the wap of the three big networks, you can browse the web using smart only. I tried bringing the unit to their customer service in Makati to fix the wap for globe and sun. But no success. I was told that apparently, the web browser for sun and globe requires a bigger memory which this phone doesnt have and support (???) why say this feature has been configured for all three networks when wap cant be used for globe and sun afterall? Does anybody have the same experience? I use my sun often for mobile internet, especially because of its facebook zero service. It’s really quite disappointing. So, I just have to maintain my older wap capable phone to address this issue. Im now using this phone for globe, pldt and smart.

    But as a whole, for an SRP of just around P3,500 with its features, I can say that the price is already reasonable.

    • lornajane says:

      hey u know hwat….i was able to configure the settings for sun in my sisters phone……if u just want facebook.com u can type the url of 0.facebook.com

      :) it worked. dont pass thru wap anymore

    • Jeanette says:

      You’re right :), but it’s still incapable of opening other websites – it can’t even open the homepage of sun and globe :( if not “unsupported type”, it would say insufficient memory. China phone with bigger phone memory performs better in this aspect.

    • Lornajane says:

      yeah….anyway, it’s still nice to know the facebook zero of sun worked…thats what i like about it hehheh….enjoy facebooking with Torque T100

  18. Manny says:

    i got a friend who’s thinking of getting one of these 3-sim phones. Cherry’s out of the picture, i think due to negative feedback roaming around.

    but torque, anybody got feedback or review on Torque phones? are they reliable?

  19. Roy says:

    How come nobody does a software review with the phones? Is there an organizer? is it easy to use? Is it exactly the same as phone XXX?

  20. hotice says:

    My problem with torque tq800 triple sim is that 3 mos ko pa lang siya nagagamit pero may problem na ako sa keypad. ayaw na gumana yung 6 na keys (T,Y,G,H,V,B) ang alam ko hindi napapalitan ang casing at keypad nito. kaya ngayon d ko na ginagamit. Haizt!

  21. Jeanette says:

    @ hotice – try to bring your unit to their service center/ ofc in La Fuerza bldg in Pasong Tamo Makati. Ive been there few times to change battery at pinalitan nila. No questions asked just present your receipt. Your unit is covered with 1 yr. warranty. while 6 mos. for accessories. They are accomodating, but most probably, they will tell you to leave the unit and be back for it on a specified date. You may also call them up at 5158888 to air your concern and ask them their complete address.

    Sayang kung di mo magamit unit mo. Ive been wanting to buy a unit similar to the one you have but opted to buy the T100 instead during their sale because Im apprehensive if the features mentioned i.e. wifi, internet browsing is functional.Just wanted to ask, per your experience, are they (wifi/ browsing)ok? My daughter also wanted to buy a phone (Nokia) but Im suggesting she buy torque DQ900 instead bec. it’s dual sim, power packed with features, cheaper and also supposedly wifi capable, besides, she’s just a student- not practical buying expensive phones, and they’re having a sale this month as posted in their website.

    Any feedback on the wifi and internet browsing capability of other torque models? The T100 I have opens limited (text only) websites. I hope they can improve the built in software which accompanies this phone.

  22. andrew says:

    very nice fone. very user friendly and battery? matagal talaga maubos.

  23. jhoey says:

    @ Jeanette. Does your T100 third sim slot be able to send and receive text and call and receive calls too? I have read somewhere that the Torque Trinity 3rd sim can only receive and make calls. Texting is a problem for the 3rd sim. But wifi capable. You just need to configure the right settings. Thanks!

  24. Jeanette says:

    @jhoey. Sorry late reply. Sending and receiving text on the 3rd sim is not a problem at all. I still use my torque T100 phone and so far so good aside from the issues I mentioned above. My sims are Globe, Pldt, and Smart in that order. Conversing with someone is not a hindrance for a message to come in. You’ll hear a beep sound if a message is received.

    Now I realized perhaps the reason the phone can’t browse the web to its full potential is due to the small phone memory,and maybe, this is true to majority of china phones in the market branded or not because these phones normally have phone memories of less than 1 MB (or just in KB!) that is, despite its being correctly configured to the country’s mobile networks and being advertised as GPRS capable. I learned to always check the size of the phone memory first if you want to browse the web, it should always be in MB like those branded phones. China phones (whether locally branded or not), as long as wifi capable normally has bigger phone memory, and in my experience is really capable of wap browsing via GPRS and Wifi (this also for a price below 3k). Sadly something I did not get from my T100 phone :( (Just sharing).

  25. Gelo® says:

    6-months running and my Torque T100 is not letting me down. I was amazed that you can organize your contacts into one (1) phone. I primarily use it for calling, texting, and e-loading. However, the rest is given that other features are unsatisfactory. But it is worth buying the product. Hopefully they could develop a multi-purpose phone in the future and exceed the customers expectation on a tri- or quad- type of phone. Keep it up guys! 0/

  26. vecah dizon says:

    where to buy torque avatar and when this be available

  27. opus says:

    still working without any history of defect for almost three years (?). not sure how long this unit has been with me, but i bought it during the month it was released. that is how old the unit is. there are times i will use my other branded DUAL sim phones, but weeks later, i find myself going back to this Triple Sim T100. Today it could sell cheaper because of the features that limits is useability. but no regrets even if i had to pay 6,000pesos before for this unit.

  28. dionesio says:

    Hello ma’am/sir may phone torque t100 thrice pwedi ba ako mag tanong sainyo kung paano KO ma open yung cellphone ko nag lagay ksi ako ng password tas ndi kuna ma open please Sana magagamit ko na to salamat po?

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