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Vertu unveils its new Diamonds collection of smartphones

Luxury smartphone maker Vertu wants to start 2015 with some shine — literally — as it officially announces its Diamonds collection of devices bearing diamonds (of course) and animal skin.

Vertu Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds

The Diamonds collection are not a new line of smartphones, but rather crystal-studded versions of its current offerings. For instance, the top-of-the-line Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds is an upgraded version of the Vertu Signature Touch. It has 124 white diamond gems resting on a pillow of gold, and a few white gold details can be seen on its stereo speaker lines. It bears a jet-black ceramic pillow, and is covered with alligator skin.


There’s also the Diamonds Red Alligator, which is a studded version of the Vertu Aster. It bears 55 white diamonds and, of course, red alligator skin. If you’re not a fan of red colors, the Diamonds Black Alligator is also available which is done with black alligator skin and and replaces 22 of those white diamonds with black ones.

The Vertu Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds will retail for €15,900 or roughly Php844,000. Meanwhile, both the Diamonds Red and Black Alligators will go on sale for €8,900 or Php473,000.

Source: Vertu | Via

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