Vertu Aster, a titanium-built phone, starts at Php310,000

Vertu Aster, a titanium-built phone, starts at Php310,000

The Aster is the latest luxury phone from the English company Vertu. It sports impressive specs with a top-notch build quality and is priced at an equivalent value of Php310K.


Vertu Aster specs:
4.7-inch Full HD display @ 1920 x 1080 resolution, 473ppi
Reinforced with sapphire crystal
2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor
64GB internal storage
13MP AF rear camera with twin LED flash
2.1MP front camera
Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot
Hi-fi front stereo speakers
Qi-compatible wireless charging
USB OTG support
2275mAh battery
Android 4.4 KitKat


The Aster’s body is a hand-made combination of hardened titanium and leather (or exotic skins like snake skin) with a red ‘ruby’ key on the side. Initially expected on the iPhone 6, it flaunts a full-on sapphire display which is the next hardest material to diamond.

It basically has a very stylish design with a premium build, and we know that a smartphone something like this would come at a rather hefty price tag. The Aster starts at $6,900 or roughly Php310K and reaches up to $9,700 or Php434K depending on the model – this is one phone you wouldn’t want to just accidentally lose. (Want something more expensive? How about the Php495K-worth Vertu Signature Touch?)

For a more detailed look at the England-made Vertu Aster, check out their official page.


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13 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    For that price hindi pa quad core?? Hehehe… Ang tanong eh.. pwede ba yan i-root? :)

  2. Shunga says:

    Forever alone nasa itaas ko.

  3. dvancleef says:

    The target market for these phones could care less about specs. Its all about the appearance and style.

  4. ephssss says:

    kung pamahalan lang ng price, anu sinabi ng iphone jan? haha.. android yan! lol

    • asterisk says:

      because vertu cant create their own OS. android sawsawan na ng lahat ng cellphone manufacturer.

    • fce says:

      This phone has the body of Rolls Royce car with a motor of Ford Fiesta, IMHO. Android don’t lag and malware free? People who can afford this kind of phone worry about the security of their messages, financial records,and the nude photos of their arse posted in the ‘Cloud’.

  5. Oona says:

    One sexy phone

  6. bakitkaya says:

    bakit kaya wala akong nakitang china imitation nito?

    sana gawa din sila,
    at pangalanan – Berto

  7. yrag says:


  8. b8coin says:

    wow! what a waste…

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