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Verzio closes BHS Concept Store

Singapore-based Verzio entered the Philippine market way back in 2007, introducing one of the first branded dual-SIM phones (as well as laptops and cameras).

I still remember someone from Italy emailing me asking for help to buy a couple of these dual-SIM cellphones.

Since then, they’ve sparingly launched newer products or models but had a very noticeable presence with their huge concept store at the Bonifacio High Street (aside from the Alabang and Davao stores).

Last night, I noticed that their BHS store has closed down (with no notice of any renovation, relocation or re-opening).

Not exactly sure what’s going on but I guess it’s becoming obvious they’re not making a lot of sales lately (I don’t see a lot of people coming inside that store since it opened).

In any case, I’d like to get some feedback from readers — has anyone bought a Verzio device lately?

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6 Responses

  1. manzi says:

    1st touchscreen phone ko verzio twinn 4-5yrs ago ko nabili.

    one word: crappy

    useless javabox
    bad audio call speaker
    alphanumeric input hell
    no compatible headset jack available in our area.

    it was ok the other week. now for some reason. it’s no longer working. whitescreen lang.

  2. Rex says:

    I have an hd dvcam bought about two years ago. Still solid. Although it’s funny I found exactly the same model except the label reads “cdrking” in cdrking hehe. I sent it back for repairs before the warranty expired nawala kasi ang sounds. But the gadget is still fine today :)

  3. taz says:

    Havent heard of the brand or company until today hehehe

  4. povillo says:

    bought a Twinn in Makro. useless just the looks is good but.. never mind just sused it only for a month,, shorter battery life. etc.

  5. Niel says:

    Verzio is my first digicam two years ago. And it was like super garbage brand. I learned my lesson now, never trust unbranded gadgets otherwise sawi ang aabutin mo.

  6. Ric says:

    a singaporean branded phone like the one i bought could not conquer a good share of the market; poor after-sales-service; mahal ng parts nila; i nearly got into trouble of bringing a consumer complaint with DTI about it

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