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Where to have your iPhone’s broken LCD fixed?

I dropped my new iPhone4 straight on the pavement a couple of weeks ago and it suffered a hairline crack at the top corner of the LCD display. It wasn’t noticeable at first but soon became more prominent after I added a screen protector (yeah, too late).

Anyway, I went to iFixit last night and looked for an LCD replacement kit. The kit alone only costs $149 (not bad) and including the shipping to the Philippines, it was still all under $200.

So I decided to visit Greenhills today and check if maybe there’s a repair shop there that could get this sorted out. I kept my hopes to a minimum.

The first stop was the Gadget Doctor at the Theater Mall and after showing them the damage, quoted me Php3,500 for the replacement kit and repair.

In under 30 minutes, everything’s back like it’s new again. Also asked about my broken Macbook Air and they say they’ll have some parts shipped in soon but it will cost me around Php8k to Php9k for the whole display assembly. Not bad!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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47 Responses

  1. chris says:

    GH is the place to be for replacements.. they’ve got it all!

  2. Richard says:

    ..and where is GH?

  3. Richard says:

    Oh sorry got it, I thought its a store’s name (GH) hehehe

  4. sundaecone says:

    my phone costs what the repair cost was T_T

  5. RENEE says:

    Yuga, you may contact DECODE in Greenhills at 0922-5888835 / 0908-2688888. He’s the best (and reliable) iPhone hardware specialist there. :D

  6. Gumz says:

    price is reaonable….

  7. kunsumir says:

    Hehe! reminds me of iTards (not you Sir Abe) keep insisting that GS2 is cheap because its made of plastic and now look at this.

  8. jaiconruedas says:

    Woah, kahit sabihing “mura”. Malaki pa rin.

  9. jojoc says:

    This question begs to be answered: the replacement was also a retina lcd???

    • Read carefully says:

      I believe the digitizer was the one replaced not the LCD, so the retina display is out of the question…

      man.. 3.5K is expensive! also with the quoted price of the replacement MB Air LCD IMHO

  10. emignatius says:

    It seems like you break a lot of your stuff sir yuga, LOL. You are starting to make me think that you do this intentionally so you could post it in your blog, LOL. Joke joke. :-)

  11. dads says:

    gorilla glass or monkey glass? hahaha!

  12. taray says:

    Pansin ko lang, bakit hindi ka careful sa mga gadgets mo abe?

  13. jonathan loresca says:

    I believe these replacement kits are made of plastic unlike the original which is made of glass.

  14. Edwin C says:

    Next time tapon mo na lang. Tapos bili ka bago.

  15. jak says:

    Accident my crap! Intentional yan, kid ka ba para lagi nalang nahuhulog mga gadgets?

  16. Morgan says:

    Guys, don’t go to Netgear at Theater Mall for repairs! I went there almost two weeks ago to have my iPhone’s LCD replaced. I understand that most shops there don’t use original parts, but this particular shop tried to replace my broken LCD with a really substandard LCD. When the LCD is screwed on your phone you will notice that the images don’t look brilliant and the colors have a pale hue. Iba ang contrast at hue.

    You need to look at the fonts of the homescreen and they should really be crisp as much as possible. At yung black ng screen dapat black talaga. The one that Netgear uses will make your homescreen’s black color look bright and pale.

    I told them it’s not ok, so they tried to place another LCD. It was still the same crappy look. So I told them no way. This irritated them. They are nice only if you buy from them. Pero pag umatras ka, lumalabas ang sungay. Don’t trust these guys. They can’t even look you in the eye kasi nga what they’re telling you is a lie. Their LCDs are not of quality. Go somewhere else at Theater Mall.

    Tip: Set the brightness of your iPhone to the maximum level to see the difference. If possible, bring another iPhone for comparison. Just because they quote you cheaply doesn’t mean it’s good.

  17. kobe67 says:

    guys let me share you this video “samsung galaxy s II and iphone 4 gets dropped”


  18. jc says:

    i just noticed the next day after partying all night that there’s a hairline scratch on my iphone 4. it covers almost 1/4 of the screen.

    Decode said it would cost me 5,5k.
    AJ Laptops and Gadgets told me they’ll charge me 3k for that.

    hindi pa ako nakakapunta, i’m scared baka di maganda yung lcd na ipapalit.

  19. Kevin says:

    Nagaayos din kaya sila ng home and sleep button? Stuck na ung dalawang buttons ko e.

  20. carl says:

    my cousin gave me her broken iphone.
    LCD at touch screen yung sira. as n sira talaga. binato nya kasi sa bf nya.
    d2 q lang pinaayos sa aerophone, sm cebu.

  21. J.R. says:

    Good pm!

    Can’t seem to find the Gadget Store in GH. Where is it exactly? Many thanks!

  22. PH says:

    How about a very nasty crack all over an ASUS Transformer tablet? Do the guys over Greenhills offer cheap repairs for that? ASUS Center priced me 10k just for the LCD alone!!!

  23. limon says:

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    but “dreams interpretation” is an excellent app of iphone. I recommended this app….
    Thanx for your very informative site as to iphone. I found it very helpful. Keep posting….

  24. Missiya says:

    Good day po,

    How much po motherboard replacement kaya for iPhone 3Gs 16gb?? Please email me po of any repair shop na reliable and offers friendly price of 5k or below is good. Thank you po so much, God bless.

  25. cyrill says:

    Hi Sir Abe,

    Ask ko lang kung ano contact number ng Gadget Doctor?

    Thank you :)

  26. James Zhang says:

    We Breezetek Corporation Limited(www.breezetek.com) is a China based company who are dedicated to providing the highest quality repair parts and accessories for iPhone,iPod,iPad,Macbook and Blackberry ,Due to direct sources from factories and professional technician test, we can provide products with our quality guaranteed and best price. Here,we hope to be a partner of your company !

    Write me back or call me if you have any inquiry, If Price list is needed, please let me know .thanks !

    Contact us at james(at)breezetek(dot)com .

  27. Fyan says:

    Ano pong contact number ng gadget doctor?

  28. rose says:

    I’m from Vietnam. i want to buy a lot of broken LCDs Iphone 4,4s. if you have and want to sell. can you contact with me
    thank you

    waitting your reply

  29. Angel says:

    Just wanna ask if gadget doctor located in greenhills san juan, manila install SIM card slot for Iphone4S. Mine doesn’t have one it’s from the US and doesn’t have a micro SIM slot. Please help and how much would be the cost.

  30. ChinoPatatas says:

    Pano po pag ka nag crack lang ang screen? Pati ba LCD papalitan???

  31. Jasmin ?? says:

    Excuse me, what if only the glass of the screen (the gorilla glass) got broken? Kaya po ba ito maayos? And what store po ang kaya makaayos ng glass ng iphone 5? :D Thank you in advance :)

  32. Jace says:

    Hi.. Please do help me.. Nahulog ko iPod 5th Gen. ko, then nabasag uing screen (glass) perok nmn lahat incuding uing lcd. San pwde ipaayos need na kasi. 2500 and below lang budget ko. Thanks

  33. Rhinz says:

    Hi ask ko lang kung screen and lcd ncra din? How much kaya paayos for ipadmini??

  34. arnae laguardia says:

    GOod Day! Nabagsak yung iphone 5c ko and screen lang yung nag crack, ok naman yung lcd . how much do you think it’ll cost me po? pls. I need your help po.

  35. rexcie jay soriano says:

    hi yung iphone 4s ko crack yung lcd magkano kaya aabotin

  36. Mae says:

    Is the gadget doctor still around today? I injured my iphone6s and cant find ANY store to replace my screen, they want Unit replacement that I cannot afford and dont want to

  37. Not bad for a price man! That’s the thing about our smartphone, the display is the main part, the important part. But then it also the most vulnerable part due to it being exposed. Having a cracked screen is bad, even worse when it happens to your new phone! So once I got my new phone, I got it an insurance right away. Insurance is a pretty good deal you know, so that you are not surprised by the price of replacing your screen, it could be really crazy! So sign up with us now!

  38. Elna rose rio says:

    Hi po magkano magpaayos ng lcd ng iphone 6s plus ..
    my crack po siya sa gilid ..
    at ngkakaroon po nang black sa taas dahil medyo angat po yung Sa my likod

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