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Why Dual-SIM phones aren’t picking up?

Someone asked me why I don’t use dual-SIM phones instead of carrying 2 or 3 phones at a time. I said that if there were only high-end phones that support dual-SIM, I might consider using them. So the question popped up — why aren’t dual-SIM phones picking up?

They’ve been here for years, even started with custom modules for Nokia 5110 and 6110 many years ago (the one that you turn off and on whenever you want to switch active SIM).


Even today, there are very few manufacturers and even phone models that support dual-SIM. Of course, that does not include those Chinese phones that offer triple-SIM and the likes.

Philips has the Xenium [email protected] and 969 while Samsung has the SGH-D780, D880 and D980 DuoS. Filipino company Solid Group is also the one distributing the my|phone dual-SIM phones. Verzio also has the Duplii and Twinn. Aside from these, we haven’t seen similar ones by LG, Sony-Ericsson and Nokia.

That’s probably because of some good reasons:

  • Dual-SIM phones need to carry 2 separate transceivers for each SIM and that could easily drain the battery life of the phone (estimated to be between 30-40% lower). That also means phone manufacturers need to increase battery capacity to deliver the same standard usage and that costs more money.
  • Supporting 2 SIM cards into a single phone may drastically affect volume of phone sales especially to people who tend to use 2 or more mobile numbers at the same time.
  • Telcos might not want to subsidize a phone that a post-paid customer can easily add a competing SIM card into.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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51 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    how many people actually use 2 phones at once?

  2. yuga says:

    If the Solid Group and Verzio are able to thrive in the dual-SIM market, I’m sure it’s a significant number.

  3. information says:

    I think it’s because cheaper add-on that phone users could buy are available. There is nothing new in dual sim phones.. :)

  4. TechPinas says:

    I’m thinking that this definitely won’t fly off for major manufacturers (SG, Verzio and others) because the China dual sim phones that are in dominance are actually better by a clear mile.

    Quite needless to say, a lot of people use dual-sim China Phones — and for good reason; these phones are cheaper, better built and more feature packed (often, even with TV functions). Now, largely because these brands aren’t major and some are not even properly ‘branded’, these phones rarely see the light of recognition by tech enthusiasts moreso by their supposed competition.

    If major manufacturers can match the price, build and features offered by these China phones, perhaps their sales would also pick up. But until proper recognition of these gadget are given by the industry at large, I highly doubt that will ever happen.

  5. jhay says:

    Dual-SIM phones thrive but in small numbers because they are the ones who content themselves with a China-phone instead of shelling out more money for two separate phones.

    This is reinforced with the thinking that it’s safer to go around with one China-phone because you won’t attract the attention of thugs. The opposite of course is when you commute everyday with two phones either a Nokia & Sony-Ericsson combo or Nokia & Motorolla combo, etc.

  6. I’m a dual phone user (Verzio Duplii). I’ve asked friends why they dont use dual sim phones and their answer:
    1. They don’t know about it
    2. They don’t care
    3. They can’t use it for their loading business.

    I got the Duplii because its the only dual sim phone i know that has 3G and can make video calls and can be used for “load business”. :D

    How can dual sim phones be more visible? well, market it more. PR lang katapat. :D

  7. EiBox says:

    I am planning to buy the myphone later on…I am also considering the Nokia e-series because the price has gone down drastically…I can buy theblack berry type for 12k only

  8. hans says:

    i heard from nokia executives that they cant support dual sim because they would have to build a new factory for this and the ph is the only market that is demanding this.
    True or myth?
    I think more posts on new dual sims would be great.

    Once the chinese phones support android i will switch but currently they dont even have wifi. All in a matter of time. . .

  9. John Ray Cabrera says:

    @MigsMobile.net: how about the battery life of your dual sim-ed phone.

    imho, one of the plausible reasons is that the brand giants(Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola) didn’t manufacture one, or if they do, it isn’t significant enough for them to rally intensive advertising about it to the consumming public. again, the reason could be that telco’s wouldn’t advocate having their sim and competitor’s sim in one phone.

    my personal reason would be:

    1) i can’t find good aftersales support, if they do, it might not be as good as the prominent brands
    2) accessories are not easily available
    3) battery life is a functional trade off

  10. Mindanao Bob says:

    I use a dual-sim Samsung. Love it. Been using it for about 3 months now.

  11. x says:

    I think it’s also about the ‘pogi points’ the phone has.

    I’ve seen a lot of people purchase gadgets like they were clothes or add-on accessories to their attires. I’m not saying all, but there are a lot who do this.

    Despite their ‘functionality’ requirements for the gadget, people end up buying some well packaged, “malakas ang dating”, or expensively branded items. Siguro kasi hndi nman tlga sila ganun katechy kya dun na lng sa uso or mukhang maporma na mamahalin para “maangas”

    Personally though, i don’t prefer these dual-sim phones kasi iisa lng nman ang sim ko at un lng ang gngamit ko for all contacts. madali imanage e. ^^

  12. Selboy says:

    i rather use two phones than to use 1 phone with two SIM.

  13. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    sa tingin ko ang mga pinoy, sa brand tumitingin.. sa tingin ko rin hindi siya naging click dito kasi hindi pa naglalabas ang NOKIA.. face it people pinaka popular na phone sa pinoy is NOKIA.. i think pag naglabas ng DUAL SIM NA PHONE ANG NOKIA mas kakagatin ng mga pinoy yun…

    and the “DUAL SIM” na phrase na yan pag sinabi mo sa mga pinoy, they will think “CHINA BRAND” un.. kaya hindi din kinakagat.. alam mo naman ang mga pinoy mayabang pa sa mga chinese… kaya aun lang..

  14. Gene says:


    E series phones did not drastically drop its prices. You are referring to the Nokia E63 which costs 12T pesos when it came out. That is the blackberry type phone you are talking about.. E63

  15. Agrimensor says:

    It all boils down to marketing.

    No telcos would back up a dual sim phone. Its like taking a death pill.

    Conspiracy anyone? haha!

  16. eman says:

    I agree with u Marvin Paul Catalan, I myself would like to see dual sim phone in brand of nokia and/or sonyerricsson.

    Simply because those 2 are the most user friendly, eye candy and has more functionality compare to others.

    I did tried to check and evaluate the samsung phones but it failed me to amused their interface. it seems to old and not friendly.

    I dont like the china brand, aside from no after sales support. They haven´t proven how dependable and trusthworthy their products.

    I haven´t tried yet the Golfish WinMobile 6.1 dual sim but I am sure this kinda pricey. I think this is a promising and interesting model.

  17. jojo says:

    as long as it has no glitches,defects and serve its purpose its ok

    … time will tell, how the dual sim phone develop

  18. ~eman says:

    I agree with u Marvin Paul Catalan, I myself would like to see dual sim phone in brand of nokia and/or sonyerricsson.

    Simply because those 2 are the most user friendly, eye candy and has more functionality compare to others.

    I did tried to check and evaluate the samsung phones but it failed me to amused their interface. it seems to old and not friendly.

    I dont like the china brand, aside from no after sales support. They haven´t proven how dependable and trusthworthy their products is.

    I haven´t tried yet the Golfish WinMobile 6.1 dual sim but I am sure this kinda pricey. I think this is a promising and interesting model.

  19. zygrax.com says:

    I think, because “pinoys were sometimes fanatic!”…

    most of us, when using a Smart SIM, only (most of the time) call or text the fellow Smart-subscribers.

    Smart subscribers are for Smart subscribers.
    Globe subscribers are for Globe subscribers.
    Sun subscribers ONLY calls Sun subscribers.

    … and “matipid” or “nagkukuripot”

    kahit nga importante ang text, ayaw magreply pag iba ang network mo — kasi naka “UNLI”, baka ma-“CHECK OP”… hehe!

  20. xvii13 says:

    In relation to how many people actually demand a quality dual sim phone, let me just say that I have been looking verzio twinn all across cubao, marikina, north avenue, and alabang during the weekend to no avail.

    I even tried bidding for one at ebay until the seller told me that stocks have run out.

    All shops that carry them (even automatic centers) told me that they are currently out of stock!

  21. godgets says:

    this is my motto, 1 is enough 2 is too much

  22. Joseph Alejo says:

    That’s right godgets,
    1 is enough
    2 is too much and..
    3 stooges

    kidding aside, before we go deeper to the subject, i think the term “picking up” should be based with datas or numeros. how do we know if the thing is actually not picking up? do we have the proof that the sales or unit counts are not moving? for all we know, this dual sim package is doing well in some parts of the phils. (provinces), or for the sms-addicts who want to text more than to eat proper. again, “we don’t really know unless we have the “numeros”. so, lets wait if this thing is not really having a scratch on the taste buds of pinoys.

  23. Darren says:

    my reason is very simple, because I only have 1 number so dual/triple-sim doesn’t mean a thing to me~

  24. battery lasts a day naman on heavy use – calls, text, video call..

    But will last up to 2 days if slightly used. :D

  25. Ehem. Sun Cellular actually has MyPhones as part of their line. :D

    They’re really leaders of the pack, aren’t they? :)

  26. Maurice B. says:

    i think because its a plus points if you have two or three cellphone that you’re carrying around. It always catch your attention when you saw across your table a guy placing all his phones on his coffee table.

  27. GensanBoy says:

    I have been using Myphone dual sim for a few months now. Although this is not my primary phone, I find it usefull instead of carrying two extra phones. The reason probably why dual phone sims are not that popular is that a lot of people doesn’t know that there are good brands out there that has dual sim capabilities. Some people doesn’t even know that dual sim phones excist. Maybe some more awareness advertising can help boost the dual sim phone market.

  28. Money Poopuiao says:

    kultura nang mga pinoy ang pagiging “tikalon”. Naka expedition nga pero ang daming estafa hinaharap sa courts. Palaging may pyesta kahit nag hihirap ang buhay. Much worst, palaging nakikita mo sa mall kahit walang binibili. same as maraming kang phone, isa lang may load yung iba pang receive ng sun calls. So ayun mga dual-sim hindi patok sa atin kase we tend to spend stuff that boost our image. we have the tendency to be a “social climber”. I myself admit this tendency.

  29. DTA says:

    @Money: right on target. Filipinos tend to be obsessive with boosting cosmetic self-image since the Spanish times even in the face of trying times like these.

    I would like to use a dual-sim phone, because carrying two separate mobiles with their own simcard is really a pain.

    But sadly dual-sim and really, really useful phones have been overshadowed by big brands (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Apple, LG), and the typical tendency to sport blingy multimedia “burloloy”/”Imeldific” phones that are for pogi points.

  30. ronz says:

    i’m using a dual sim phone…but for me it’s just fuzzy to shift from 1 sim to another,so i’m using 1 sim in a dual sim phone..wahahaha….e kung pwde lang sabay na on ung 2 sim e…nag matext mo si smart at globe or (other networks) simultaneously…or di ko lang alam gawin hehe….

  31. Jelly says:

    I’m planning to buy dual-sim phone but for me, it’s still expensive…Pag may P1,500.00 bibilhin ko na. He he he…

  32. Aldrich says:

    Contrary to other people’s speculation, dual sim phones gives respectable mileage in terms of battery life.

    My Verzio Twinn which I use for my Sun and Smart sims gives me 2 days standby time for regular usage. 3 – 4 days for light usage.

    Anyway, Verzio also offer excellent product support. My office mate’s Twinn got busted and we brought it at the Verzio Service Center in Bonifacio High Street. She got the phone all fixed up the next working day.

  33. FB says:

    I think dual sim phones are a great thing. I agree, kung ang Nokia magrerelease ng Dual Sim Phones, at un ang gagawin nilang primary phones, naku, kakagatin ng mga Filipino coz it’s NOKIA. Well if it’s MyPhone, ndi nla kakagatin.

    This just goes to show that many people still value aesthetic value over utility.

  34. FB says:

    Hmmmm…I think dual sim phones are a great thing. I agree, kung ang Nokia magrerelease ng Dual Sim Phones, at un ang gagawin nilang primary phones, naku, kakagatin ng mga Filipino coz it’s NOKIA. Well if it’s MyPhone, ndi nla kakagatin.

    This just goes to show that many people still value aesthetic value over utility.

  35. shulace says:

    I woke up today wanting to buy a dual sim phone. I’ve been on the my phone website, looks like there’s a lot of crazy glitches.. so can anyone recommend a sturdy yet affordable dual sim phone?

  36. Anattack says:

    I had a dual sim phone two (2) years ago, a china phone and it was very useful and is still working up to now. But since I had to preserve the messages that were stored there, I had to safely keep it. I got a new sony ericsson but then I found the necessity of having two sim cards. I wanted to buy a dual sim phone but now that I have experienced a better phone, I cannot give up the benefits of the high tech, quality and useful features of my sony ericsson so I just bought another phone, a motorola phone. My reason for not buying a dual sim phone is that I cannot find a dual sim phone that has the quality and features that I need. I tried Samsung. Duh! So bagal! Hindi maganda, mahal lang sya. Mas mabuti pa ang china phone. I scouted around but I did not find a dual sim phone that suits my needs.





  37. FRB says:

    Everyone has given their opinion on this matter and everyone is correct because no two minds will ever be the same let alone millions of Filipino minds. It all boils down to personal preference. If you don’t need two sims all the time then you should not be in this forum by default. Who should be discussing here are those who do need 2 sims but are not buying those available. Filipino mentality plays the most important part. 1.Ayaw nilang makita sila na may china phone or “cheap” brand na phone” dahil nakakahiya. 2. Galing mo naman may 2 o 3 kang phone ka na dala! Well if you feel ashamed of using a dual sim phone na hindi top brand kahit na kailangan mo then it’s your choice. Do you really need a 10MP camera / Wifi ready / 3G / FM radio / Walkman na Nokia or SE? If you do NEED it and not just WANT it then wala kang choice. I use to carry 2 phones because of necessity. I had a Windows Mobile phone in my left pocket and SE pda phone in my right. Sa totoo lang nakakabwisit! I opted to buy a MyPhone dual sim na walang wifi, VGA lang camera (susmaryosep!) And it’s the best move I made. Wala kasi akong pakialam kung ano man sabihin ng nakakakita sa akin gumagamit nito. I bought it to please ME and not THEM. Just to clarify that this is MY OWN opinion so no offense to those who don’t agree.

    P.S to anattack tignan mo yung ETEN Glofish DX900.
    Dual sim na Windows Mobile with GPS din kaya lang walang radio. The brand does not ring a bell? Well ACER just bought ETEN so ACER na siya. Baka mag doble na ang price niya dahil sa bagong brand na siya.

  38. Rei says:

    The Acer DX900 (Glowfish) still ranges about 25k more or less. More functional than verzio & samsung duos. its kinda big for a girl’s hand though :( It’s more like a daddy-O, business guy type :P

  39. Nicole Ballesteros says:

    Guys mabagal ba yung Myphone? I’m interested in buying the Myphone with a QWERTY keypad.. Maganda kaya yun?

    Before I wanted to buy yung Verzio but I’ve heard unpleasant comments about it, so yung Myphone nalang.

    I’m a HEAVY user since I etxt a lot, call once or twice a day for around 10mins each call and I love playing MP3s on my phone almost all day.. Will the Myphone QWERTY keypad phone survive on me? Hanggang anong gig yung kaya na memorycard ng Myphone?

    Hope someone’ll answer, thanks! :)

  40. carsar says:

    I’ve had the Samsung D880 for many years now and I’ve tried many others in between but somehow I cannot give up my D880.

    If Samsung can only make it FASTER !!!

  41. Techkandai says:

    It all boils down to one word: “Firmware”.
    Pag pangit, di papatulan.. :P

  42. yigal says:

    When you have to deal with one personal cellphone and one fleet cellphone to keep track your people or answer your boss calling you on the fleet phone you can think abut dual sim one. I think that the bis phone companies do not like it so the big manufacturers go with the bigger clients.
    As the big PC makers and Microsoft.
    I met the Chinese 2xsim only a few weeks ago, I am using one that works very nice and looks nice too.
    When I presented it to my contacts, I see a lot of interest from the public. Ignoring the issue and the Chinese may be a mistake of the big ones.

  43. Kerwin says:

    I have been using the Duplii for 3 months it’s just a good phone, some text some call… In use it for smart and globe phone and its also good for my sideline load business… the only thing that irritates me here is looking for contacts you hae to scroll it down manually and the phone is slow.

    I am looking forward for smoe cherry mobile review… the clam shell looks great. Hopefully it also functions well.

  44. scherwin says:

    i have verzio twinn and i still using it for more than 2 years na, the other dual sim cannot recieve call na magkasabay matatawagan ang dalawang sim. ang twinn kahit sabay tawagan ang dalawang sim maaccept mo pa rin yung call. lupet dava?

  45. Angelito says:

    I am using a MyPhone dual sim cp because i became tired of bringing with me 2 cellphones. maganda naman ang MYPhone kasi may 1 year warranty at ang battery pwede ung sa Nokia BL-4C. no probs naman so far. dapat kasi practical sire ng cp ang tingnan natin at hindi ung aesthetics. eh kung mawala man itong cp ko, di naman masakit kasi barato lng 3thou lng bili ko. unlike b4 i sued to have Nokia 6680 at 7210 supernova

  46. michaelouisia says:

    iam using a Samsung D980 touch screen dualsim. napakatipid with my globe and PLDT sim. My billing drop by almost 50%. sulit talaga

  47. Niwrek says:

    Yun Verzio Duplii Gamit ko padin, however di ako satisfied…

    1. If used often mabilis ma low batt.
    2. the headset is ugly
    3. the phone is slow
    4. not user friendly
    5. phone is heavy

    I am thinking of getting a Cherry Mobile or a Samsung D880

  48. Jasper says:

    i’ve notice that all 3 reasons are for the phone manufacturer and not for the consumer. I think that dual sim phones has a market in the philippines. currently, solid corporation the manufacturer of myphone is leading in selling dual sim phones.

  49. Arbie Alcantara says:

    Guys and Gals,

    You should try Verzio Duplii Exec series!

    Inexpensive and very functional!

    Nice 3MP also and with 2GB memory card!!

  50. nottootechie says:

    i was waiting for a comment that will tell about the phone’s durability. i am looking at buying samsung gt-b7722 touch dual sim. are branded dual sim phones considered as china phone? any fair comment/recommendation (based on actual use) before i buy?

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