Why Nokia isn't making a tablet, yet.

Why Nokia isn’t making a tablet, yet.

In these times when every other handset and PC manufacturer are bringing out their very own tablets, it’s a wonder why Nokia has not made one until now. Even smaller players have had some success (like Archos) in this market, so why not Nokia?

Nokia isn’t a total virgin in the PC market. In fact they made their very first netbook back in 2010 (see our Nokia Booklet 3G Review).

Unfortunately, that did not pan out well for the Finnish company — mainly because the unit costs an arm and a leg back then. It didn’t even arrive in the Philippines.


With that in mind, let me share my thoughts on why Nokia has not joined the tablet wars and isn’t doing one any time soon.

  • A Nokia Tablet is a distraction. Nokia is very busy fending off a lot of competitors in the handset market. There’s Apple and their dominance with the iPhone line-up; then there’s Samsung that’s kicking everyone’s ass in the Android smartphone arena, followed by HTC which, by the way, has surpassed Nokia in market cap early this year. Nokia’s just too busy protecting its turf that entering the tablet market will just be a distraction.
  • Nokia didn’t have a solid Tablet OS of its own. If Nokia wants to be serious in the tablet market, they would need to invest heavily on a tablet OS the same way they banked on their own Symbian OS. Okay, there was a glimmer of hope with Maemo and Meego but it was still half-baked back then. With Meego being placed in the back-burner, it looks like there’s no opportunity left for a Meego tablet from Nokia.
  • Change in leadership. A change in leadership usually means a change in direction and priorities. When Stephen Elop sat as CEO of Nokia in September 2010, the strategy changed and Microsoft entered the scene afterwards. Nokia eventually partnered with Microsoft to produce Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets. It is most likely that if and when Nokia builds its own tablet, it will run on Windows 8.
  • Nokia cannot afford another failure. Making a tablet in this very competitive, iPad-dominated market is a huge risk. A number of big-pocketed manufacturers have tried and failed — the HP TouchPad, the BlackBerry Playbook, the HTC Flyer, and probably many more to come.

The second obvious question — is Nokia ever gonna make a tablet? My answer is more likely yes than no. And it will likely be a Nokia Windows 8 tablet but that’s way far off the calendar (late 2012, perhaps? Assuming Elop is still the CEO by then.). Second most likely candidate would be Tizen. Since Nokia supported Meego, might as well throw the same support to Tizen. Nokia might feel uncomfortable though since Samsung and Intel are leading that pack (like a scorned ex-lover).

Too many players, too little time and resources for Nokia so they’re playing whatever cards they have left in their hands.

We’ll never know really. Maybe Microsoft will buy Nokia before the year ends.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. Hideki says:

    hehe. nice! oo nga no. pero sinisipag naman ata sila maglabas ng cellphone. XD

  2. deuts says:

    And then I’d say, concentrate na lng sila sa cellphones, especially sa basic at feature phones.

  3. Jam. says:

    I believe that Nokia will make a Nokia Tablet in 2012 since Elop is a microsoft guy. 2012, Just in time for Windows 8. They should’ve made a Prototype tablet during Microsoft Build for show off. Quad core ARM + Nokia = Awesome.

  4. ambinp says:

    Nokia’s failures became more apparent when Stephen Elop stepped in.damn i feel sorry for Nokia coz i’m a fan.it’s better if they focused more on Meego, WP7 is a shit.xd

    • lbm skid says:

      care to elaborate on the failure because of the Microsoft collaboration? as far as i can remember, Symbian (lack of innovation) was the reason why Nokia failed.

    • Jam. says:

      Tried and tested mo na ba ang WP7 lalo yung Mango?

  5. I’m not sure if Nokia would succeed with the Tablet using Windows Phone or Symbian OS as their platform unless then embrace the Android OS platform

  6. megsimm88 says:

    its actually a good thing for Nokia i’d say, just yesterday i read in the papers that Blackberry playbook’s price cut down by $200 and its been thought that they stopped shipping devices out although RIM doesn’t admit it. same thing happen to HTC flyer for the price cutdown. The market tablet is a tough competition to get into esp Apple and Samsung have been dominating. The way i see it Nokia may come out with one possibly using windows platform which has a great potential and a lot of room for improvement. Android has been in the same phase as windows phone is now but look where it got now. I see the same for windows phone as well. I actually can’t say ios or android is better but i don’t like having limited options for phone os. The more we have the best, for me.

  7. Vin says:

    The BEST! pa rin ang nokia para sa akin.

  8. Ric says:

    Plain and simple – Nokia just doesn’t want anything to do with Android (which is the only real alternative to ios at this time). Oherwise, they would have made one already.

  9. Wes says:

    Nokia should just concentrate on phones. They have been slow in innovating and producing new models that’s why its rivals like Samsung and HTC has overtook them.

    I always loved my Nokia because of its durability but it is sad to see them lag in the Android phone market.

  10. lightphoenix says:

    I saw this last year sa SM. Name of shop is Octagon.

  11. Sky says:

    I saw a concept phone video from Nokia a years back, its called nano phone. They should really invest on that for them to be right back on the track. Nokia phones today…i hate them all.

  12. Tristan says:

    I wonder how will they be able to stand the tablet wars. I agree with all your statement Sir Abe.

    As for the Win8 powered tablet, I doubt it. Firstly because, if ever they do make a tablet, it will be costly (based on their handsets, it’s obvious). Unless they can find a way to trim down the prices.

    With Kindle Fire on the loose next month, it will be good if they just focus on their (Nokia) turf.

  13. the only thing I don’t like about nokia is their OS. will it be a good move if they switch to android? hmmmmmm

  14. It’s not yet their time.

  15. psionicd says:

    Sir,i think nokia was the first to manufacture an internet tablet. remember the nokia n800 and nokia n810?

  16. ZJ says:

    Windows Mobile & Nokia = both failures.

  17. ChaystEr says:

    madali lang naman maggamble ang Microsoft na gumawa ng OS like Android di ba? pack it with tons of Apps like Android and Apple and youre good to go, and besides mas lamang sila sa Mobile Computing because of their Microsoft Office apps.!

  18. jay ar says:

    pero ako as sa nakikita ko i will love to invest in nokia windows phone 8 and nokia windows 8 tablets ( nokia has the edge with the other manufactures of windows phone look what they done of their WP7 andaming exclusive apps halos lahat nsa nokia sinalo nila lahat ) i promise this will put the laggy green robot phones and tablets away :)

  19. zhun says:

    ???????nakikita???????????Windows Phone 8?????Windows 8?????????????????Windows???????????WP7 andaming???????????NSA???sinalo???????????????laggy?????????????: zopophoneshop

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