iMU iDop iPod Speakers

iMU iDop iPod Speakers

With so many iPod speakers and docks around, sometimes it’s kinda hard to pick which ones the best for your needs, lifestyle and personal preference. This iDop speakers from iMU puts your iDevices on a pedestal, for a price.

For a whopping Php2,500, you get this pearly white speaker dock for your iPod and iPhone with a robotic arm.

At first I thought the hinges on the arm isn’t rigid enough to support the additional weight of the iPhone 4 but after testing it for several days, it held its place firmly.

The speakers kinda heavy for it size too, especially the base, despite the plasticky look. It’s not battery-powered either, as I initially thought, but plugs straight to the wall socket.


The dock supports all iPhone and iPod models (except the Shuffle of course) but you can still use it with other music players since it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack at the back of the base.

What’s most interesting is that the sound quality of the speakers will vary depending on which surface you place it on. I initially didn’t like the audio because I placed it on top of the bed but when I transferred to the wooden table (pictured above), it produced great base. Apparently, the better the surface the better the sound quality and volume (the audio fires downwards). I was expecting better volume though.

In any case, that’s all there is to it and not much else. I’m not particularly keen on the price tag either.

If you’re interested though, it’s being sold be eNovation at their Eton Cyberpod branch.

Eton Cyberpod Corinthian
Barangay Ugong Ortigas Ave.,
Quezon City
Tel No. 470-9408/586-0278

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3 Responses

  1. hospoki09imp says:

    I want that Abe, can you give it to me? Hehehe :)

  2. Tristan says:

    Sir, pwede po ba ninyo ito ipagive-away? Ahahahah I want one but I doubt they have a store here in Davao.

  3. Username_A says:

    This is the most ‘Uncoolest” iPod Dock/Speaker I’ve ever seen. What’s the flexible arm for? Sheesh… And the blue light on the side really did it for me.

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