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5 Travel WiFi Rental Services You Can Try Today

If you love traveling and still want to stay connected online, travel WiFi is the answer. It’s essential as it keeps you connected online so you can access your favorite and necessary apps without having to worry about getting a local SIM and data packages. If you’re preparing for a big trip, keep these portable WiFi rental services in mind.

Here are top 5 trusted travel WiFi rental services:

1. Flytpack

Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi carries around a 5,000mAh battery capacity. The connectivity distance between the device and your mobile ranges approximately 10 meters in radius without obstacles. It can also connect about five to eight devices maximum at the same time. Do note that connectivity is only for a specific country and is not suitable to use in other or multiple countries.

Rental Fee: PHP 300

Security Deposit: PHP 1,800

2. Smart World Travel WiFi

For PHP 390/day you can get 1GB of data with speeds of up to 42Mbps. Non-Smart subscribers may also avail of the Travel WiFi, while Smart postpaid subscribers can include their rent in their monthly bill.

Security Deposit: PHP 4,000

3. Big Sky Nation/Skyroam

Big Sky Nation is known as a travel solutions provider here in the Philippines and offers different kinds of travel WiFi that you can rent. They have 4G LTE travel hotspot with maximum download speeds of up to 150Mbps and 8-16 hours of battery life. They also offer a budget-friendly 3G Mate, and lastly, they offer Skyroam Worldfi, a power bank and travel wifi in one, carrying LTE connection speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 150Mbps.


Rental fee: Varies depending on the country you are traveling to.

Security deposit: PHP 500 for a 3G unit and PHP 2,000 for a 4G unit.

4. Cherryroam

The Cherry Roam device caters a 5,350mAh battery. For 4G, it has 150Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 50Mbps while for the 3G, it has 42Mbps download speed and upload speed of 5.76Mbps. Cherry Roam offers 1GB to 10GB per day which starts at Php 350.

Security deposit: PHP 2,000

5. myPAL Roam

myPAL Roam can be used in multiple countries within one day and if you travel across countries within a day, the day pass will be calculated under the clock of the location where you activated the device. This handy device has a download speed of 42Mbps and maximum upload speed of 21Mbps.

Rental Fee: PHP 490/day

Security deposit: PHP 4,000

Price Range:

The portable WiFi daily rental rates vary from one service to another. It also depends on the location you’re traveling to.

 FlytpackSmart WorldBig Sky NationCherryroammyPAL Roam
EuropePHP 500PHP 490PHP 550PHP 500 - 5,500PHP 550
AmericaPHP 500 - 550PHP 490PHP 550 - 590PHP 500 - 5,500PHP 590 - 790
AsiaPHP 220 - 400PHP 390 - 490PHP 450 - 590PHP 500 - 3,500PHP 390 - 790
AfricaPHP 550PHP 490PHP 590PHP 500 - 3,750PHP 590
OceaniaPHP 450 - 500PHP 490PHP 550 - 590PHP 500 - 3,000PHP 550

To rent a portable WiFi, each service has their booking and return conditions. Do check each service’s respective websites for further rental details, and for the complete list of countries they cover.

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