Adobe Lightroom to get new color-grading tool

Adobe Lightroom to get new color-grading tool

Adobe has recently announced its upcoming new tool to Adobe Lightroom, the color-grading.

Also scheduled to roll out on Lightroom Classic and ACR, the color-grading tool is an upgraded version of the previous tool called split-toning. Lightroom will adapt a new color-grading panel which is similar to the Lumetri panel found in the Adobe Premiere Pro.


The color-grading tool introduces control for the mid-tone of an image, separating it from the shadow and highlights. Users may adjust the corresponding color wheels by dragging the selection point and dragging it to the color hue you like. To access the saturation slider for the same hue, click and drag directly in and out of the wheel. Users can also enlarge the wheels for the mid-tone, highlights, and shadows at the top of the panel.

There’s also an additional luminance wheel and a blending slider for a more equal mixing of colors.

Adobe hasn’t released any information as to when will the tool be available. However, more information about the tool and new features of the Lightroom will be revealed on the virtual Adobe Max conference happening on October 20 to 22, 2020.

Check out the full video demo by Lightroom Product Marketing Manager Pei Ketron below:

Source: Adobe Lightroom YouTube

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