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Adobe Photoshop turns 30, outs huge update with improvements across all platforms

Photoshop celebrated its 30th anniversary on February 19, and to celebrate, Adobe released a significant update that span across all platforms.

Desktop updates

Content Aware Fill

Photoshop is improving the Content Aware Fill by allowing users to apply multiple fills and test out the results before clicking OK to accept the results. According to Clark, “One of your top requests was to stay in the workspace to refine fills that need multiple CAF iterations—imagine removing something from behind many tree branches, or other tricky scenes with visual diversity,” “To do that, we now enable you to break the fill region into sub-parts to give you more iterative control to achieve a more realistic fill.”

Lens Blur Improvements

Adobe is shifting the Lens Blur filter process over to the GPU from the CPU. By doing this, the quality and the performance of the fill will be improved, as seen in the sample below:

macOS Dark Mode Support

Adobe Photoshop will now support the system-wide dark mode that’s featured in Catalina Mac OS. System dialogs like open and save will now match the settings of your Mac OS.

Performance Improvements


Adobe also notes performance improvements on the mousing experience. Panning and zooming will feel smoother and more responsive, especially on larger documents.

iPad Updates

Object Selection Tool

Selections on the iPad are now easier with the addition of the Object Selection tool. With the help of Sensei AI and machine learning, users may now select objects by drawing a lasso around whatever they want to select. It has the same functions, options, and settings available on the desktop versions. Check out the sample video below to see how it’s used.

Type Settings

Photoshop for iPad is also getting more typography controls, which allow users to add a type layer, character, and options properties. Options include tracking, leading, scaling, and formatting,

Cloud Documents

Adobe has also improved the performance of their cloud documents by improving the upload and download speeds of PSDs with a 75mb file size and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Adobe’s official blog post here.


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