Amazon Web Services announces Alexa for Business

Amazon Web Services, Inc. recently announced Alexa for Business which is a new AWS service that provides employees with an intelligent assistant to help them manage their tasks at work.

Alexa for Business works with Alexa devices but come with features that can help automate tasks like starting conference calls, controlling conference room equipment, scheduling meetings, keeping track of tasks, or reordering supplies, all via voice commands.

Let’s say you want to start a meeting, you can simply say “Alexa, start my meeting”, and it will immediately dial into your conference calls and control your conference room settings and equipment. Alexa-enabled devices can also act as audio conferencing devices in smaller conference rooms, or control equipment in larger rooms.

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Businesses can also build their own custom Alexa Skills to help the workplace run more efficiently. With custom Alexa Skills, Alexa can provide directions, find an open meeting room, order new supplies, report building problems, or notify IT of an equipment issue. Alexa can also provide important information, like inventory levels, and help with on-the-job training.

Customers in the US can bring Alexa to their workplace starting today with the Alexa for Business Starter Kit. Each kit includes the following:

* 3 Amazon Echo (2nd generation) devices for use in conference rooms
* 2 Echo Dots (2nd generation) devices for controlling equipment in large conference rooms
* 2 Echo Show devices, perfect for desktop use

For features and pricing, you may visit

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  1. Avatar for xyruz xyruz says:

    Who else need to memorize. This is basically extending your memory. Alexa when was i took mg gf to date. A not thisyear

  2. Avatar for bern bern says:

    Watch out office secretaries. Your job is teetering on the brink of phase-out, AI is becoming more intelligent and it is getting down now to take a root in your office jobs, time to suss out from impending change and be aware, otherwise you would see yourself left in the lurch.

    Although, here in the Philippines is still far from happening it as long as the internet connection even in business is not up to scratch as against with other countries, at least, you have still a lot of time catch up and upgrade your skills, which you should be thankful about on the other hand.

    It is high time now to switch and find profitable career that would not be in the crossfire of AI.

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