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AMD announces Radeon Pro SSG graphics card w/ up to 1TB M.2 flash memory

AMD is trying to solve the woes of having limited graphics memory for creating heavy visual content and the likes. By utilizing two PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots, the Radeon Pro SSG graphics card could accommodate up to 1TB of NAND flash which the user could add depending on his/her needs.


Apart from the dual M.2 slots, the SSG (solid state graphics) was reported to be based on a Polaris 10 chip which the company claims “has a dramatic effect on the rendering speed of high-end workloads”. This should come in handy in different fields like medicine and oil and gas exploration to name a few.

To further give us a glimpse of what this card could do, AMD boasts that in video editing, it is capable to import, playback, and scrub 8K videos in real-time — even at 90 frames per second.

There’s just so much promise that the company claims once the Radeon Pro SSG becomes officially available. Although of course, a capable component like this demands somewhat of a fitting price. With a reported price of $10,000 for the beta developer kits, it’s still not that bad considering the possibilities it could offer.

Check out AMD’s website for more details.

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