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Android 11 Go Edition now official

Following the release of Android 11 Google has also announced its optimized version for entry-level devices, the Android 11 Go Edition.

According to Google, apps in this latest Go Edition launch 20% faster than its former version, making it possible to switch between apps without the phone getting bogged down.  Android 11 Go Edition also comes with upgrades on its communication, privacy, and usability features.

This version allows different messaging apps to gather in one place by showing all the conversations in a dedicated space in the notification area. Moreover, Google also improved its privacy by ensuring that Go edition smartphones also have access to the same industry-leading privacy protections as any Android device. Adapting the new privacy upgrade on the Android 11, the Go edition also has one-time permissions that let users grant an app access to specific sensors such as the microphone, camera, or location. It also has auto-reset permissions support — to reset permissions for an unused app, and added a gesture-based navigation system that allows users to switch between apps using simple swipes with gesture navigation.


Google recently-introduced Safe Folder feature will also be available in Go Edition, allowing entry-level smartphones to protect personal files with a 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder.

Starting next month, Android (Go edition) will be available on all new devices with up to 2GB of memory. Android 11 Go edition on 2GB devices can provide up to 900MB of additional free storage space—enough to take up to 300 more selfies and download an entire movie.

Source: Google

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