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Apple rumored to release yellow iPhone 14 soon

Apple has released special colors for each generation of its recent iPhone lineups with the iPhone 12 it was purple and the iPhone 13 being dark green.

Reports have now surfaced that for the iPhone 14, Apple plans to release a yellow colorway.

Iphone 14 Yellow

The report comes from a Weibo post by Setsuna Digital and reported by Mac Otakara. Although it is hard to tell if the rumor is true given the account doesn’t seem to have a proven track record thus far.

Albeit, MacRumors has stated that Apple’s PR team is planning on a product briefing next week as well as 9To5Mac independently confirming that a special yellow iPhone 14 is expected to release soon.

The release of a yellow iPhone 14 would also coincide with Apple releasing the iPhone 13 series in green back in March 2022.

Iphone 11 Xr Yellow

Moreover, it’s said that the new yellow finish will only launch for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models and not the iPhone 14 Pros.

This would make sense since the iPhone Pro models generally have darker finishes than the non-pro iPhone 14 models.

The last time a yellow iPhone was made available was in 2018 and 2019 with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, respectively.

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