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Apple Unveils visionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro: Enhances Spatial Computing and User Experience

Apple today previewed visionOS 2, a significant update to Apple Vision Pro, introducing advanced features that enhance spatial computing capabilities. Users can now create spatial photos from existing images in their library, utilize intuitive hand gestures for quick access to information, and benefit from new functionalities in Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode, and Guest User settings.

The redesigned Photos app in visionOS 2 allows Vision Pro users to easily locate their favorite spatial photos. The new Passwords app helps manage information across accounts, while Safari gains new privacy tools. Enhanced features in popular apps like Apple TV and Mindfulness offer an enriched user experience. With over 2,000 spatial apps designed for Apple Vision Pro and more than 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPadOS apps, visionOS 2 provides developers with new tools to create more immersive and shareable app experiences.

Apple Wwdc24 Visionos 2 Mac Virtual Display 240610

Photo: Apple

“Apple Vision Pro delivers revolutionary experiences for users and developers, and we’re excited to advance spatial computing even further with visionOS 2 just months after its initial release,” said Mike Rockwell, Apple’s vice president of the Vision Products Group. “From navigating visionOS more seamlessly to pushing the boundaries of how users connect with memories, and enhancements to key Vision Pro apps, we can’t wait for users to experience the range of new capabilities with visionOS 2. And with a robust set of tools that enable developers to create richer spatial apps, visionOS 2 makes Vision Pro even more powerful.”

Spatial photos on Apple Vision Pro now offer incredible depth and realism. Users can create spatial photos directly from their library in the Photos app, thanks to advanced machine learning that transforms 2D images into lifelike spatial photos. These can be shared with loved ones or enjoyed together via SharePlay in the Photos app.

Apple Wwdc24 Visionos 2 Mindfulness App 240610

Photo: Apple

Vision Pro users can capture spatial videos with the device or an iPhone 15 Pro, bringing special moments to life. Canon’s upcoming spatial lens for the EOS R7 digital camera will enhance spatial video capture even in challenging conditions. An update to Final Cut Pro will allow creators to edit spatial videos on their Mac, adding immersive titles and effects, while the Vimeo app for Vision Pro will facilitate sharing of these videos.

visionOS 2 introduces new hand gestures that make navigation faster and easier. Users can access key functions like Home View and Control Center with simple gestures, view important information at a glance, and perform actions such as adjusting the volume.

Apple Wwdc24 Visionos 2 Safari Videos In Environment 240610

Photo: Apple

Productivity tools in visionOS 2 include improvements to Mac Virtual Display, which will now feature higher resolution and larger size, equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side. The update also adds mouse support for enhanced workflow options and allows users to see their physical Magic Keyboard even when immersed in an environment or app.

Key experiences in visionOS 2 have been enhanced, allowing users to personalize their Home View, including arranging apps and integrating compatible iPhone and iPad apps. Travel Mode now supports train travel, and users can create immersive environments like Bora Bora on the go. Guest User support enables family members or colleagues to use Vision Pro, with their data saved for 30 days.

Apple Wwdc24 Visionos 2 Live Captions 240610

Photo: Apple

Developers can leverage new APIs and frameworks in visionOS 2 to create more immersive and volumetric apps. HealthKit’s introduction to Vision Pro opens new avenues for health and fitness experiences.

1640 LLC’s app, The Museum That Never Was, utilizes new volumetric APIs for more immersive 3D objects, while TabletopKit enables collaborative app experiences. GRL Games is using TabletopKit to develop Haunted Chess, a 3D chess and murder mystery game.

Enterprise developers are building visionOS apps for training, simulation, project design, and management. New APIs like Barcode Scanning and Object Tracking enhance day-to-day operations in various industries.

Apple Immersive Video combines 3D 8K video with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio, offering an immersive storytelling format. The Apple TV app includes a growing collection of Apple Immersive films and series. Later this year, Blackmagic Design will launch a camera system and update DaVinci Resolve Studio to support Apple Immersive Video.

Additional features in visionOS 2 include immersive video viewing in Safari, multiview support in the Apple TV app, the Mindfulness app’s new Follow Your Breathing feature, and systemwide Live Captions for enhanced accessibility. Users can also view content on their Vision Pro using AirPlay from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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