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ASUS unveils ROG Mjolnir power station

Continuing their tradition of quirky April Fools’ reveals, ASUS has unveiled the ROG Mjolnir, a portable power station shaped like Thor’s hammer from Norse mythology (popularized by, you guessed it, Marvel).

Asus Tweet Rog Mjolnir

While details are scarce, the teaser image draws a clear inspiration from the legendary weapon’s design.

The ROG Mjolnir boasts a rugged exterior that may look a bit out of place in Asgard with that black matte finish all around.

At the front, it features an array of ports, including USB-A, USB-C, and multiple AC outlets. LED indicators sit on the upper left, while ROG branding graces the right portion. There’s even the ROG logo printed on the right side of the device.

The power station’s shape, complete with a handle up top, perfectly captures the Mjolnir look.

This isn’t the first time ASUS has gotten playful on April 1st. Last year’s ROG Ally — a Windows PC gaming handheld — initially presented as a joke, eventually launched as a real product to take on the Steam Deck.

Following that trend, expect the mighty ROG Mjolnir to join Computex 2024 this June.

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