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BDO to start charging Php2 for every ATM withdrawals

Upon learning of the news that BDO (Banco de Oro) will start charing Php2 for every ATM withdrawals in their network, I went to the nearest BDO ATM station to double-check.

Indeed, there was an announcement in the screen of the terminal that starting September 1, 2012, BDO will be charging 2 pesos on every withdrawals made by depositors of the very same bank.

Normally, charges are applied when there’s inter-bank or inter-network withdrawals. This time, BDO is charging its own customers for using its own network.

I tried taking photos of the terminal but the announcement was so quick, it could have been only displayed in a second or half a second. I made several transactions but the announcement would not come up again. I think they really made that announcement so obscure hoping that people will not notice.

After repeated attempts and not getting a screenshot, I withdrew all the money that I could from the ATM.

Update: We’re receiving additional reports on similar sightings in BDO ATMs that indicate the Php2 charge is only applicable to BDO Cash Cards. This will not affect the regular savings ATMs.

We’re getting additional verifications from folks from BDO.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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41 Responses

  1. hii says:

    nasan yung screen na sinasabi mo? eh generic message yang nanjan sa blog post mo.. nagmamadali naman kasi magpost eh antagal tagal pa ng september 1

    • Sasha says:

      Eh ikaw? Comment ka ng comment eh obviously hindi mo nabasa or naintindihan yung post… Sheesh!

    • yeah says:

      Wag bobo, basahin mo muna yung content ng blog, bako ka ganyan. tanga eh!

      “I tried taking photos of the terminal but the announcement was so quick, it could have been only displayed in a second or half a second.”

    • Eizan says:

      Ambobo ng nag-post. Obvious talaga ang mga taong di nagbabasa (o di marunong magbasa). Pagkakita ng image, I’m sure nag-amok kaagad sa comments section. Napahiya! Syet! Haha!

    • darksen says:

      obvious na obvious tong si hii na to nag nagaabang lang para makatira hahahha. masama na ugali at napahiya pa. Wag ka mag alala bobo kahit di ka namin kilala alam mo sa sarili mo na napahiya ka lols. Abang ka ulit next time para makatira ka ulit sa mga post dito sa yugatech. mahirap talaga kapag di napalaki ng tama ng magulang naiinggit sa iba. pweh!

    • Eizan says:

      Hello, hii! Maybe you can hide your persona behind your keyboard, but alam na alam mo sa sarili mo na napahiya ka, hahaha! Next time kasi, magbasa ka ng maigi ha? No excuse will suffice for someone who didn’t (or doesn’t know how to) read. :)

    • cire says:

      eh di ikaw yung magpost nung announcement…

    • blah says:

      Think first before you click! Stup*d one!

    • bill_green says:

      baka yan si Robert Carabuena. habang nagtatago e dito sa yugatech nagpapalipas ng oras. naghahanap ng masasampal.

    • frenchy says:

      ikaw nga dyan ang nagmamadaling mag comment ng hindi mo pa bimnabasa yung post eh. pati name hii lang nailagay mo sa pagmamadaling mag-troll. nasabihan ka tuloy ng bobo.

  2. Ernie says:

    Well in the states may fee rin sa withdrawal kahit sa bank mo. Nasa Pinas tayo sana maghanap na lang sila ng ibang way to maintain their ATM’s like may advertisement bago lumabas yung pera haha

    • Obed says:

      It’s like the YouTube ads, pag kapasok nang ATM you have to wait 5-10 seconds kasi may ads.

      Then may ads a bottom part nung ATM screen

      Then may 5-10 sec ads before lumabas pera mo haha

      Or may direct buy, parang home shopping tv, may buy now then dedeliver nalang sa naka register address. Bawas nalang daw sa ATM mo yung prie


  3. Kendra says:

    it’s only the cash card atm bro not the main atm po…i’ve seen that and i panicked too but i waited for that ad again and it says “cash card” so no worries..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi! You might want to remove the photo of the ATM screen. People would be looking for it and would get disappointed.

  5. Banco De Offline says:

    Mahirap lang kami. Cash Card gamit ng payroll nammin. Bat kami pang mahirap ang gustong pahirapan.

  6. Halo says:

    Is this how BDO plans to do to earn more money? Mabuti pa ang ibang banks, pero di din natin alam. BPI has been very keen to withdraw from their several ATMs to avoid unnecessary charges. Even inter-branch deposits doesn’t have additional charges. If an average of 60k transactions are made via BDO ATMs a day, that converts to 120K PHP earnings. Nauubos na ata ang pera ng BDO/SM sa dami ng projects kaya kailangan ng dagdag kita pang puhunan :(. THis is the first time I posted in Yugatech and all I can say is that I am disgusted on how BDO did things to their customers.

  7. Eds says:

    “We find ways to charge you more” – BDO

  8. Doc Harry says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the BDO Cash Cards are their version of debit cards. I’ve seen yellow ones. They are different from regular SA ATM cards (which actually are printed with “ATM Debit Card” on the front and are usually blue. Kawawa nga yung may payroll through Cash Card. :( In the US, yes it is standard practice to charge for ATM transactions, ESPECIALLY in your own bank.

  9. netbooksearcher says:

    The P2 charge only applies to cash cards and reloadable prepaid cards.


  10. redman says:

    We find ways… to make your life miserable!

  11. Epstein says:

    What a great way to loose customers!

  12. Benchmark says:

    Sir yuga, have you tried video taking it then just screen shot it? :)

    About the two peso charge, that’s BS. They should have charge morei interbank, instead of their clients. Tsk tsk tsk

  13. bayanpages says:

    Well if this takes off without any widespread protests from depositors other banks will surely follow suit.

  14. bleach says:


    OT lang, why is it you’re taking a long time replying to inquiries about yugadeals, or you don’t plan to answer any at all kasi nde pa bumibili? FYI, even if turnoff yung snub mo, I still bought the Nexus 7 16GB, thinking I will get a reply, unfortunately, maski paid na wala pa din response eh, pero yung automated reply ng zendesk account mo mabilis mang spam.

    I am suppose to wait for a voucher as proof of payment, and to be used din for claiming, right? Also, where pala pick-up point ng 2GO? Kasi kung malayo, I prefer to have it delivered sa office na lang.

    Hope, you’ll respond here even if OT.

    N.B. Iba yun email account ko sa yugadeals, hope you get the point.

  15. Christopher Quijano says:

    In fairness:

    BPI charges P5 per withdrawal for their Easy Saver product, P10 for their Express Cash card product.

    BPI-Globe Banko charges P20 per withdrawal.

    SMART Money charges P3 per withdrawal using BDO ATM’s.

    Unionbank EON Cyberaccount charges 10.00 on the 3rd and all succeeding on-us ATM withdrawals for the month).

    BDO charges P2 lang for their cash card product.

    All fees stated are within their ATM network, iba pa ang charges using other bank’s ATM.

    But I agree, aaray din ako pag pati main account products nila may charges na rin for inter-bank ATM withdrawals.

    The only bank na hindi nag-chacharge ng ATM Fees is Citibank (even other ATM’s), but it requires high maintaining balance.

  16. mark says:

    stop complaining. wag kayo mag deposit sa banks period. besides alam naman natin lahat na “savings” ang term ng bank sa kanilang customers while ginagamit nila ito pinangpapautang din sa atin. sino nanalo kayo? no no. pinapaikot nila ang pera mo while ikaw binibigyan lang ng barya. tsk.

  17. irongeek says:

    Tama. Let’s deposit our money in banks that don’t collect charges for every ATM withdrawal. What other banks besides Citibank does this? Hirap lang sa mga banks na ito, bihira ang ATM machines nila. In the long run, ganon din kasi ma charge ka dahil you will be forced to withdraw money from other ATMs. Oh well… These banks really know how to extort money from their depositors. Pinahiram mo na nga ang pera mo sa kanila, ganon pa isusukli nila.

  18. churva says:

    BDO: We find ways… to make ourselves richer at your expense.

  19. jr says:

    I know of some banks that charge P5 for each ATM withdrawal, but only for those accounts with zero maintaining balance. But for their accounts with regular maintaining balance requirements they don’t charge ATM withdrawal fees.
    I’d rather wait for a detailed information from BDO before I decide to pull out my money from their bank.

  20. Rural says:

    There should be a collective responsibility for employers who employs the bank to shoulder the additional fees for their employees (I’m talking about the prepaid ATM used for payroll here).

    Although I understand that maintaining ATM’s comes at a cost there should be regulations and an ample minimum preparatory period before implementation… which we do not have governing laws as of this moment (for those who didn’t yet know).

    Quoted from Bangko Sentral (bsp.gov.ph):

    “As a matter of policy, the BSP does not put a ceiling on the amount of fees or charges that banks may collect from their depositors and credit card clients. While banks as intermediaries of funds between savers and users, play an important role in economic development, they are also in business for profit. Thus, banks are given the liberty to impose certain charges. At the same time, however, these banks have the responsibility to keep their clients aware of bank charges to help them make informed decision on their banking transactions.”

  21. Salma says:

    Citibank and HSBC savings account (ATM) doesnt have any own-bank charge for withdrawal as well as no interbank charge for withdrawal sa ibang bangko (ATM machines)…

  22. Mongol says:

    UCPB wala ata charge yung cash card

    • Kendra says:

      if there’s a fee in getting the card like in bpi express cash then the cash withrawal is free as far as i know…

  23. baskinificent says:

    well, actually we all have different points of view here. lets just save and spend our money wisely. do not withdraw from time to time. t’will charge ya much. be wise. think twice.

  24. tuwid na daan says:

    how did bdo became that big, they used the funds of sss/gsis members to acquire a much bigger bank in equitable-pcibank, courtesy of the previous admin. laki cgro ng commission dun,

  25. UT-Man says:

    I had bad experienced with BDO, service is pretty bad they let you stand on a line while waiting for your turn for bank transactions they do not have seats at their banks compared to other banks where you can seat until called. Bad for the elderly, it’s frustrating to stand waiting for your turn to withdraw or deposit your own money. They should add more ATMs to cope up with large number of clients.

  26. Ariel says:

    Any updates/confirmation from BDO on this? I think they are making a very big mistake. I for one will pull out all my accounts from them if ever.

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