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Beeper now officially available for everyone

Beeper, a universal chat app first introduced in 2021, finally leaves beta testing and goes public on April 9th. The new messaging app is now available to everyone, offering integration of all your messaging platforms in just one super app.

Beeper App Finally Out Fi

This is shortly after Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has acquired Beeper. “Given the state of the messaging world, we’ve long felt the need for a strong ally with the resources to support us on our quest,” said Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky in a blog post.

In this acquisition, the entire Beeper team migrates over to Automattic but will operate independenly. Migicovsky will hold the title of Automattic Head of Messaging under the new deal.

Last year, Beeper introduced iMessage integration through Beeper Mini. However, it was short-lived as Apple blocked Beeper’s methods of enabling iMessage service into Beeper.

The new Beeper connects up to 14 other chat platforms accessible in both mobile and web. These include integration with Google Messages for Rich Communication Services (RCS) — which Apple will eventually adopt later this year 52.

The app integrates other major platforms as well such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, X; popular chat apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp; and even support Discord and Slack.

The company also promises fully end-to-end encryption for Signal, WhatsApp, and all e2ee network bridges.

Beeper is available for download via Google Play Store 1.2K. Users can also head over to beeper.com/download 707 to install with various platforms including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows and Linux.

However, the Beeper app for iOS has yet to receive the update. It doesn’t currently support iMessage itself. Despite the fact, Beeper is optimistic about the future of its universal chat app. In March, the US government sued Apple for blocking Beeper Mini’s access to iMessage.

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