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BPI launches new Mobile App

Bank of the Philippine Islands, today, launched their new mobile app for iOS and Android. The new app is more streamlined and optimized and runs on a new platform that can handle 10 times more users than before.

BPI customers may start downloading the app today at 12noon both on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App store. The app will appear as a completely new one instead of just an update. This allows more time for customers to transition to the new app but eventually, BPI will sunset the old one.

One of the more significant features introduced is the biometric security which includes fingerprint login and Face ID for the iPhone X.

The new app has about 90% of the functionalities of the old one but additional roll-outs will be done on a regular basis in order to bring all new features on board.

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12 Responses

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    It is nowhere to be found. Is this today?

  2. carla says:

    I hope this won’t lead to fraudsters.

  3. Dothackjhe says:

    Rooted devices could not run the app.

  4. Keith says:

    are you not supporting the old one once you launch this? this is because there are services where im already enrolled in on mobile and sync my profile with my phone… i dont want to risk doing that again on the new app because i will loose all the services where im enrolled in the existing app (e.g. transfer to anyone feature)

    • Sandy says:

      I agree with u. Losing all the features from the old app is too risky. I am paying my bills thru mobile app and this new application?what can it bring with us?in just wondering

  5. Marvin says:

    BPI app developers really have very bad taste in UI design. It’s like an app for Symbian OS which is already dead. If you look at BDO and Unionbank’s apps, it’s wayyyyy better and looks more modern. The best app for me is Unionbank’s. I know security is the most important thing in banking apps but they could do better ??

    • Kenneth says:

      True that…

    • Discretous says:

      Agree on UB’s app. Metrobank’s app doesn’t look good as well, you’d think they’ll be able to at least afford and go with some more modern UI and smooth transition between load because they’re one of the big banks here. Though, it’s probably on the dev’s side or the old heads on that dept.

  6. Thesource says:

    The bpi website does not reference anything about this new app. Watchout on installing this guys. Blogger doesn’t even cite any source of this new information.

  7. Thesource says:

    Thanks for the fact check. Official website or announcement or bpi flyer would be better than a facebook posting to the same blog post. Official sources are important on blogging about installing apps. This is not an opinion piece. Simple question is what’s your source? It can’t be this facebook post.

  8. Ohmnee E. says:

    I hope BPI, implement 2 way authentication on their mobile app and website. I don’t feel secured without these features.

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