CAAP website defaced by alleged Chinese hacker

CAAP website defaced by alleged Chinese hacker

Author’s Note: We do realize that it is possible that the party responsible for the hack is not of Chinese origin. The title of the article has been changed to “CAAP website defaced by alleged Chinese hacker” in light of this, as well as in accordance to our source, who first speculated that the hacker/s may be of Chinese origin.

The official website of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines was defaced last night by a hacker, or possibly even group of hackers named “Anonymous-ghost”.

The party responsible for defacing the website could possibly be of Chinese origin due to the use of Chinese characters on the defaced page. The hack happened so fast that the defaced version of the website was almost immediately crawled by Google.

Site administrators quickly responded soon after, putting the site under maintenance. They did however, fail to remove the hacker’s favicon.


Nullforge has briefly analyzed the hack, and has given some insight into how the hacker may have done his bidding to the CAAP website.

The agency has experienced similar defacement before, the last time being last month.

Source: Nullforge


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4 Responses

  1. Weng says:

    That is japanese. Unless the Chinese use Katakana nowadays.

    • Hiks says:

      Correction: The ones on the main webpage look like they’re Chinese characters while the one on Google results are Katakana.

  2. Michael Tolentino says:

    world number 1 fake news maker and intervener make it. para makipag away tayo sa china. at sila makikinabang pag may giyera.

  3. bulokPinas says:

    Nakakahiya at nakakagalit ang kalagayan ng Pilipinas pati sa larangan ng IT mismong sa mga sangay ng gobyerno. Sa kabila ng milyon milyong pondo na nakalaan para sa maayos na digital infrastructure ng mga yan, sa mga bulsa lang ng mga ganid at buwayang empleyado at opisyal napupunta. Sana naman abutan na ng karma ang mga masasamang tao sa pinas…

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