Chevrolet Philippines Vehicle Prices for 2018

Chevrolet Philippines Vehicle Prices for 2018

Chevrolet Philippines has recently updated their price list, adjusting them in accordance to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) package. If you’re looking for a big SUV, say, the Suburban, now is your lucky day. The prices for Chevrolet’s more expensive vehicles went down significantly, specifically the Suburban and higher trend Colorado’s. Here is last year’s and this year’s price list.


Spark1.4 LT M/TPHP 648,888PHP 694,888
1.4 LT A/T (CVT)PHP 682,888PHP 734,888
1.4 LTZ A/T (CVT)PHP 763,888PHP 859,888
Sail1.3 LT M/TPHP 713,888PHP 791,888
1.5 LT A/TPHP 768,888PHP 865,888
1.5 LTZ A/TPHP 858,888PHP 917,888
Cruze1.8 L M/TPHP 858,888PHP 858,888
1.8 LS A/TPHP 963,888PHP 963,888
1.8 LT A/TPHP 1,103,888PHP 1,103,888
Malibu2.4 LT A/TPHP 1,398,888PHP 1,398,888
2.4 LTZ A/TPHP 1,528,888PHP 1,528,888
Captiva2.4 4x2 LS A/TPHP 1,313,888PHP 1,313,888
2.0 Turbo-Diesel 4x2 LS A/TPHP 1,413,888PHP 1,413,888
Trailblazer2.5 4x2 LT M/TPHP 1,378,888PHP 1,618,888
2.8 4x2 LT A/TPHP 1,509,888PHP 1,704,888
2.8 4x2 LTX A/TPHP 1,618,888PHP 1,805,888
2.8 4x4 Z71 A/TPHP 1,881,888PHP 1,998,888
Colorado2.5 4x2 LT M/TPHP 1,167,888PHP 1,248,888
2.8 4x2 LT A/TPHP 1,267,888PHP 1,264,888
2.8 4x2 LTX A/TPHP 1,387,888PHP 1,365,888
2.8 4x4 LTZ M/TPHP 1,613,888PHP 1,539,888
2.8 4x4 LTZ A/TPHP 1,689,888PHP 1,571,888
Suburban5.3 4x2 LT A/TPHP 5,238,888PHP 4,852,888
5.3 4x4 LTZ A/TPHP 6,238,888PHP 5,338,888
Trax1.4 FWD LS A/TPHP 1,123,888PHP 1,185,888
1.4 FWD LT A/TPHP 1,358,888PHP 1,535,888

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