DICT launches wfh.gov.ph for government employees

DICT launches wfh.gov.ph for government employees

The Department of Information and Communications Technology has launched a new website to provide government employees with telecommuting resources.

The work from home website contains remote work tools, tips, and other learning materials and resources. With this, DICT aims to help government agencies continue their work online. It also includes several instructions on how to get telecommuting software for video conferencing, document processing, e-mail, and digital certificates.


This is in line with President Duterte’s directives to promote ICT-enabled work arrangements since the enactment of the Telecommuting Act of 2018. With the current quarantine classifications for the National Capital Regions, as well as several other provinces, telecommuting is a strategic alternative for both the public and private sectors.

“The launch of wfh.gov.ph serves to support the President’s agenda of unhampered and efficient service to the people,” DICT Secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II said. “We encourage our government employees to visit the website and find the right resources to help guide them transition into a remote working lifestyle,” he added.

The work from home section also includes a list of free telecommuting apps that the non-government employees can consider. Visit https://wfh.gov.ph/ to learn more.

Check out DICT’s full blog here.

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