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DICT now provides digital certificates to the private sector

As more companies adopt the work-from-home scheme, the Department of Information and Communications Technology is now providing digital certificates to both the private and public sectors.

Digital keys act as an ID for machines, adding more security to online work transactions. Additionally, digitally signed documents with digital certificates are recognized as evidence by the courts. Signing documents also make documents tamper-proof, as the smallest changes will be detected upon verification.

The DICT has released Department Circular 06, which entails the guidelines on the application and issuance of the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure’s (PNPKI) digital certificates for external clients. This includes ways to electronically file applications for external clients that require face-to-face verification through Skype, Viber, WebEx, and Zoom. The Circular also contains instructions on the use of the PNPKI Self-Service Portal, including the enrollment, installation, and downloading of approved NPKI Digital Certificates.

Interested applicants may read the full Circular No. 6 Guidelines on the Application and Issuance of PNPKI Digital Certificates here. And visit the DICT PNPKI webpage to apply.

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