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DICT releases guidelines for using video conferencing apps

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), under its cybersecurity division, shares a guideline to the public for using video conferencing apps.  With the enhanced community quarantine mandated by the government, many companies have gone digital with the use of video messaging and teleconferencing applications on mobile and desktop. This puts Filipinos more at risk against cybersecurity threats if they don’t follow precautionary measures online.

Here’s the full list of the reminders:

• Set up the online meeting as private and don’t share or announce the meeting ID number on social media or messaging platforms.

• Secure meetings with passwords or meeting codes for participants.

• Make sure that the host is notified when people join and carefully inspects the list of participants periodically.

• Carefully control screen sharing and recording through the software’s settings.


• Keep your camera and mic turned off unless it’s your turn to speak.

• Be aware of everything that’s within the view of your camera.

• Install free browser extensions that block tracking activities of applications such as Chrome’s AdBlock Plus and Firefox Ad Hacker.

• Install firewall software only from trusted firewall security companies.

• When not in use, cover your webcam as some hackers have the capability to turn it on without their victim’s knowledge.

The guidelines aim to keep people vigilant and proactive in protecting their data security. To report any cybersecurity incidents, you may reach CERT-PH.


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  1. DICT sucks says:

    For DICT to make this suggestion is disappointing. Your mandate is more than telling people n how to use an app that a high school student regularly use. Give us something meaningfull like a third telco with faster internet and higher GB allocation in this time of crisis. Hell you could even suspend payment for internet if you want. And pls stop blocking pornsites. Teens need it so they don’t get out their houses.

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