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DITO download speed either around or below all operator average, says Opensignal

Opensignal has recently released the first look at DITO’s mobile network experience.

The report indicates that DITO users are heavily concentrated in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, as a high proportion of users are located in these areas.

According to Opensignal, their initial look at the mobile experience of their DITO users in the Philippines shows that after an initial advantage immediately post-launch, their download and upload speeds in Central Metro Cebu and Davao City fell slightly to the point where they were similar to the overall scores of all operators.

DITO users’ Download Speed Experience is either around or below the average across all the operators. DITO’s scores range from 9.4 Mbps to 20.4 Mbps.

In Metro Manila, their Download Speed Experience was essentially the same as the all operator average in the first 30 days. However, it was below the all operator average in the following two 30 day periods.

“The initial declines in the average speeds seen by our DITO users are not surprising. It’s common for initial network launches to lead to a volatile network experience,” Opensignal noted.


On the other hand, in terms of the Upload Speed Experience in Metro Manila, DITO users reported significantly higher scores than all the operator average in the three 30 day periods that Opensignal analyzed.

Moreover, DITO users’ Video Experience in Central Metro Cebu and Davao City has remained in line with the all-operator average and consistently above the all-operator average score in Metro Manila.

“However, as a degree of volatility is normal for newly launched operators, it’s important to monitor and analyze how the experience evolves over time,” said Opensignal.

The Video Experience scores of DITO users and the all operator average were placed in the Good (55-65) category in Central Metro Cebu and Davao City. However, in the first 30 day period that they examined in Metro Manila, both their DITO users’ Video Experience and the all operator average placed in the Very Good (65-75) category.

As per Opensignal, a Very Good Video Experience indicates “generally fast loading times and only occasional stalling, but the experience might have been somewhat inconsistent across users and/or video providers/resolutions.” On the other hand, a Good Video Experience implies “a less consistent experience, even from the same video streaming provider and particularly for higher resolutions, with noticeably slower loading times and stalling not being uncommon.”

It is also worth noting that the speed and Video Experience of DITO users will likely change over time as DITO’s network matures, becomes available in many more locations, and as DITO grows its customer base and the network becomes busier.

Furthermore, Opensignal mentioned that these initial results are “impressive and bode well for the market’s long-term competitiveness,” given that DITO’s competitors – Globe and Smart – have had far longer to roll out their 4G networks.

The analytics company will continue to report on the mobile experience of their DITO users and include DITO in their regular mobile network experience reports in the Philippines.

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7 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    “The report indicates that DITO users are heavily concentrated in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, as a high proportion of users are located in these areas”

    Dennis Uy was quoted as saying, “service first before business” and Abe of Yugatech was one of those interviewed who gave a good reason why a third telco is a good idea to break the duopoly.

    Yet, DITO subs are still concentrated on metropolitan areas. If it’s “service first before business,” then DITO should reach out and market to the areas who really need their service.

    • Ramos Duane says:

      FYI, La Union was not yet on the list of covered areas but signal was now on air.. I travelled 20km by a private car and I can say signal was stable.. On air na sila nationwide pero under testing pa..

  2. Dito says:

    @Miss Call
    One thing to consider with the density of users is the cellphone compatibility requirement for use of Dito network. There are many areas in Central Luzon where Dito network is already available but not many people are able to buy new phones…

  3. Sugarcane says:

    To be honest, I live in a rural, mountainous area in Negros where Globe can’t be reached. Before Dito, I was using Smart for 9 years, however Smart can only reach in my area for 3G, two signal bars, most of the time it’s usually EDGE at four signal bars. I could barely even access Google page most of the time. I could get 4G signal only whenever I am in the municipality center. I think, that’s maybe because the town I live is very far from the tower, so I understood that. Yet, as 9 years have passed, Smart service did not improve, the signal bandwidth remained the same, Globe still couldn’t reach our town. Then Dito came, our neighbors took the opportunity to deal with Dito contractors to build towers in their farmlands. There are now 2 Dito towers and also 2 still under construction. This year was my first time to get 4G+ signal, and to my surprise I could watch Youtube videos without buffering. Though, I still experience some occasional stalling when using video calls but that’s already 101% better than when using Smart, I couldn’t even load a single Google page! I expect Dito’s service will continue to be good as when I started using it since June.

    I tried using Smart again last week to test if their service have improved, yet the bandwidth still remained unchanged, they haven’t improved anything despite their competitor have arrived. Globe, still dead.

    • Sir lee says:

      @suharcane Yea Globe and Smart has never been good at giving a decent service to far flung areas I had experience the same thing when roaming around on motorbike around the south of Cebu same with north very difficult at times to get a reliable signal in many areas of it’s just a small village / barangay such as Oslob for example but if near say Oslob barangay hall signals are great back then it was mostly 3G still but go half a mile out from that area signal drops like a stone and switches over to 2G and internet moves like a snail or a snail in its shell having a sleep

      But I think that’s what Dito are trying to do they know smart and globe are useless when it comes to upgrades and expanding always making a claim they will improve in more far flung areas but never seem to put action to words and now Dito appears they maybe taking advantage of that and that’s good

      But sadly when it comes to speed Dito is following Globe and Smart and not maintaining their promised speeds

  4. Sir lee says:

    I’m afraid to say but this was to be expected we all know telcos / ISPs never keep up with their promises

    When i got my SIM in march speeds was absolutely shocking it was what 4G or shall I say LTE should be because Smart and Globe has never truly reached a genuine LTE speed above 42Mbpa as they often had the higher end of 3G speed at best around 20Mbps once in a while but on globe and smart I test their speeds often enough are around the lower end of 3G or worse

    So it was a breath of fresh air when Dito came out I hit speeds just below 4G of 96Mbps and I even did a download test between my mobile phone using Dito and my friend who used PLDT fiber 50Mbps package andwe started a 1GB movie download same time same software and my Dito wipes the floor with PLDT and finished the download 20 minutes before PLDT completed and bare in mind PLDT fiber is a fixed line

    But now I have seen a drastic speed reduction on Dito speed tests are around the same as smart and globe now I kinda expected after a couple of months of going active all will be good at first and then suddenly will become like the rest

    But I will give Dito this that still kids smart and globe to the curb Dito is still very reliable in my opinion I never had any network problems as long as I’m. Within range of their BTS towers never been any downtime at all so thumbs up

    But also their packages are great also I love that I can pay the same as I did for my smart promo that only lasted 7 days with no calls or texts on smart and get around 9GB total and yet Dito I pay the same for 10GB unlimited texts to all networks unli Dito to Dito calls and 300 mins to other networks for 30 days so in data I consume is the same per week same price but the falls and texts really make it worth it

  5. Sir lee says:

    Oh this annoying comment waiting moderation I wish these forums will stop this moderation nonsense

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