Dito Telecommunity deadline for requirements extended by NTC

Dito Telecommunity deadline for requirements extended by NTC

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has extended Dito Telecommunity’s deadline for the technical audit by six months.

In order to operate in the Philippines, Dito should be able to provide an internet speed of 27 Mbps to 37% of the population. To accomplish this, Dito stated that it would require the construction of 1,300 cell towers. However, as of July 1, Dito said in a Senate hearing that it has only put up 300 cell towers so far.

To keep up with the requirements, Dito has filed an appeal with the NTC to extend the deadline due to the delays caused by the COVID-19 lockdown. Dito’s CTO has noted that their contractors had difficulty supplying them with the required materials, such as steel and coal. The company is, however, continuing its construction under relaxed restrictions.


NTC has granted Dito’s request for an extension, giving them until January 7, 2021, to deliver its commitments for the technical audit.

Dito Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano added that extension is outside the options available for Dito under its CPCN, and the company can avail of it twice.

If Dito fails to meet its commitment three times, their PHP 25.7 billion performance bond and the frequency provided will be forfeit.


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  1. Dehins Uy says:

    Even before COVID-19, this telco is already late in delivering their obligation. They are just using this as an excuse.

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