DOF releases online tax calculator

DOF releases online tax calculator

The Department of Finance has an online tax calculator to show the benefits of the upcoming Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN).


The calculator is fairly simple and straightforward. It will ask for your marital status, if private or government employee, gross monthly salary, and the number of dependents.

Again, the main purpose of the portal is just to show how much working Filipinos will be able to save when the new income tax scheme gets implemented.

To access the online tax calculator, click here.

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9 Responses

  1. reyrey says:

    When will it be implemented? Do you have a link for an article saying when (from a reliable webpage)? It will be best to provide helpful links in articles that you post

  2. TaxPayer says:

    Paasa lang yan. Tsss

  3. bern says:

    This is so good news, I would save around P6,500 a month if this new tax reform would pass into law, and it is a huge saving if I sum it up yearly.

    It is really disappointing and a letdown to see that you get deducted every month from your hand earned money with a huge amount of tax despite that fact that you see little or no improvements in public service.

    Though, it would be a big cut down for government’s appropriation funds, there are still a lot of sources that will make up for losses, such as coming after to businesses who skip out paying taxes.

    • Pepito Joaquin says:

      Wohha!!!! I saved 8,250 when this law will be passed! The question is, when it will be passed?

  4. Yuri says:

    Well the savings you will get in this proposed tax reform will be offset by higher prices on basic commodities should the higher excise taxes will be implemented on fuel.

  5. Arnel Ignacio says:

    hindi gumagana yung site. walang kwenta.

  6. Lester says:

    I just want to point out that DOF has not yet used the latest contribution table for SSS, correct me if I’m wrong but as of today (August 29) it’s still using the old contribution table computation which makes the ” Income Tax” calculation a bit inconsistent/wrong.

    I want to reach out to them but I chose to an updated income tax calculator myself so we get the most updated computation.

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