DOST Project NOAH in danger due to lack of funds

DOST Project NOAH in danger due to lack of funds

The Department of Science and Technology’s real-time weather platform called Project NOAH is in danger of being terminated due to lack of funds, according to local news.

According to local radio station DZRH, the program’s current budget is set to be depleted by the end of February.

The DOST Project NOAH, an acronym for Nationwide Operation Assessment Hazard, is a primary disaster risk reduction and management program created “to promote and integrate advanced science and technology to enhance disaster management and prevention capacity of the Philippine government” and runs by funding from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and allocations from various local agencies and institutions.

More as we get it.

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8 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    Don’t worry. If we vote DU30 this coming elections, he will surely save essential programs such as this. Change is coming!

  2. Edi Hell Yeah says:

    Ok lang yan, we have war on drugs

  3. kuratong_balileng says:

    pero ang sobra-sobra ang budget para sa department of misinformation and porn affairs

  4. esg says:

    Project Noah is what it is, a project. As all science projects go, there is a beginning and an end. The fact is that all essential components of the project are to be transferred to DOST-Pag-asa, where it has and will get funding. If Dr. Lagmay wants funding for his projects, all he has to do is to submit his proposals.

  5. Manoy says:

    Sarcasm borne out of ignorance is not sarcasm. It is just ignorance.

  6. Ping says:

    But PAGASA says it will take over

  7. MyNameIs says:

    No worries! Typhoons are of the “delawans” making to destabilize this government. Once we win this war on drugs by killing 4M drug addicts and the “delawans”, no typhoon will ever enter PAR again.

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