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FAA approves use of PED in-flight

Twenty-two years after FAA and FCC prohibited the use of cellphones inside an airplane; the ban has recently been lifted off – allowing passengers to leave their portable electronic devices on provided that it’s switched to Flight/Airplane Mode.

PED in flight


Following this long-delayed ruling, JetBlue Airways and Delta Airlines announced that their passengers will no longer be asked to turn off their smartphones, MP3 players and/or tablets during flights; even in altitudes below 10,000 feet. However, there are some instances (like landing with low-visibility) where you’ll be asked by the flight crew to switch off your gadgets for safety reasons.

Other American airlines are said to follow suit, but will have to undergo clearance from the FAA before they can implement this new policy. Hopefully, local airlines too will have a change of hearts regarding this matter, and soon.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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11 Responses

  1. Mon says:

    Good news ito, pero nakikita kong may mga taong titigas ang ulo kapag kailangan na talagang patayin muna ang mga device nila…

    give people freedom and they’ll find a way to abuse it :P

    • wew says:

      maraming d sumusunod dito nung bawala pa gumamit ng phone…kasi wala naman talagang nangyayari actually may study nga na nagsasabeng malakig porsyento ng mga airline passengers ang sinasabi eh d talaga nila pinapatay ang electronic gadgets nila

    • Mon says:

      yea, wala pa nga namang incident na naging cause yung electronic devices, parang di nga nila pinagaralan ng maayos yung effect ng mga ito nung inimplement nila yung rule.

      But still, as long as there are no 100% guarantee that open PEDs does not affect flight instruments, I have no issues sacrificing the 10-30 minutes of using my device if asked to :)

    • Phillips says:

      Marami pa ring pasaway. Kahit di pa sinasabing tanggalin na ang seatbelt, ilang minutes pa lang sa paglapag eh, puro na click ang naririnig mo. Di palaging “Customer is always right”.

  2. Yusuf says:

    Lmao no. I have never ever turned off my phone (or at least put it in flight mode). For the record, nothing happens. Big shoutout to PAL flight attendants.

  3. wew says:

    its just the same as the signs on gasoline stations wherein customers were asked to turn off their cellphones when refueling….techincally pwede talagang makaapekto ang cellphones sa communication(tska sa gasoline station) pero sobrang baba ng tsansa kaya dinidisregard na rin nila tong mga to

    • someone says:

      Yes mababa ang chance. In recent memory, wala naman akong nabasang incident regarding this. Pero if there’s a chance, no matter how small a percentage it may be, I wouldn’t risk it. If others want to gamble with their lives and use a their cellphones on an aircraft, then go ahead and risk your own life. Pero wag na nila idamay yung mga taong sumusunod sa batas na ayaw naman magtake ng risk.

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