Facebook rolls out new desktop layout, dark mode

Facebook rolls out new desktop layout, dark mode

Facebook has started rolling out its new desktop layout and introduces dark mode.

Compared to the old desktop version, the new update features an updated, rounded design instead of the boxy design of the old site. The shortcuts and chat layout is now larger, taking advantage of the extra screen space. Lastly, the logo also has been redesigned from a box shape to a circular logo.


To activate the new design, click the drop-down menu on the upper right corner and click on “Switch to New Facebook.” If you don’t like the new design, Facebook does give you the option to revert to “Old Facebook.”

Do note that the New Facebook rollout is done in batches, and not everybody can activate the redesigned site just yet. If you haven’t gotten the option to switch, then you’ll have to wait as the update hasn’t been rolled out to everybody yet.

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