GCash app adds Send Pamasko feature

GCash app adds Send Pamasko feature

GCash has recently rolled out an update on its app, allowing users ‘Send Pamasko’ this holiday season.

Through the new GCash update, users may now greet friends and loved ones with the Send Pamasko feature. This allows them to send their ‘pamasko’ virtually.

Moreover, this lets users instantly send gifts to multiple people, either send equal or random amounts to make it exciting, as well as securely send gifts to their loved ones with confirmation via SMS.



Here’s how to use  Send Pamasko on GCash:

1. Open the GCash app.
2. Log in to your account.
3. Tap Send Money. Then, select Send Pamasko. (It can also be found on Show More, under the Lifestyle & Shopping section.)
4. Put the number of recipients. (From 2 to 10)
5. Enter the amount. Then, select whether to give equal or random amounts.
6. Write a short message. (Maximum of 140 characters)
7. Choose a theme.
8. Add contacts to send Pamasko.
9. Review the details before proceeding.
10. All done! You will get notified that the Pamasko has been successfully sent.

Do note that the amount will be returned to your wallet if the recipient will not claim it within 72 hours.

The feature offers 20 Christmas-related themes users can choose from. The recipient will be notified that the sender has sent a Pamasko, which showcases the chosen theme before opening the gift.

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