GCash partners with Singlife Philippines for affordable digital insurance products

GCash partners with Singlife Philipines to offer simple and flexible digital insurance products at affordable prices.

Through GCash, customers may purchase digital life insurance from Singlife. Tailored according to the customer’s needs, policyholders are not bound by long-lasting contracts and offer flexible payment terms. The initiative aims to leverage life insurance products that are manageable and maintainable to ordinary Filipinos.

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The first product that both companies will launch is the Cash for Dengue Costs, a protection product that provides a multi-level benefit
against medical costs due to mild to severe cases of Dengue. It comes with customizable coverage levels, payment terms, and offers the customers the option to extend its coverage to an individual or the whole family. As an introductory offer, Singlife will extend the cover
by adding a free COVID-19 rider.

Through the GCash app, customers can pay, view, manage, and file claims on their Singlife policies in real-time.

The Cash for Dengue Costs will be available, along with other Singlife protection products to all verified GCash users through the GCash app under the Insurance Marketplace.

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