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GCash to launch Scan to Pay

GCash is planning on releasing a new method of payment for their users — Scan to Pay. The company will announce more details tomorrow during the launch at Glorietta 4.

Scan to Pay will allow GCash users to pay for their items, food, and more by using QR codes. Most of Glorietta 4’s merchants will reportedly have this feature by launch, which means consumers will get to try it as early as tomorrow.

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6 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    And most people say that the Chinese are copycats. Isn”t this a copycat of Alipay & WeChat pay of China?

  2. zzee says:

    its really good having a cashless transactions like any other countries. poblema lang talaga, eto ngang sim ko na ka ka load mo lng ng 30 php, pag load balance mo 8 pesos nlang. panu na kaya pag mag top up ka nang 20k and you’ll be surprise 1k nalang na iwan na wala ka man lang binili. solve muna nila yang nakawan na load para naman may confidence mga pinoy mag engage n ganyang scheme

    • bern says:

      I think you were referring to prepaid load, but this one is in particular uses GCash load which Globe will provide you with corresponding transaction records to have you something to look back to in case you would lose keeping track of your purchases, it is nice that Globe provides us this service, therefore, keeping tabs on your transactions are much easier and you will not lose your way to check a particular record you made is what for.

  3. Paymaya has released their own scan to pay option right? What is better when cashing out our paypal balance Gcash or Paymaya?

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