Globe completes its first 5G video call with AIS Thailand

Globe completes its first 5G video call with AIS Thailand

Globe has showcased its 5G technology by completing its first-ever 5G video call with the 5G mobile network of AIS Thailand.

The call was made last Friday, February 21. AIS Thailand had also tested its own 5G network in Bangkok, with Globe on the receiving end of the technical call that lasted more than three minutes. Alan Garchitorena, Globe Director for Technology Enablement & Services Planning, took the call from Hui Weng Cheong, President of AIS, as the Bangkok-based company ran its first 5G video call test. According to Globe, the call “went on with zero lags and without a glitch,” and that it “ushered in a new era of communication for both Globe and AIS.


After the call, Hui Weng Cheong stated, “It went very smoothly.  Superb. My appreciation for the support from the Globe Team.”

Alan Garchitorena also added:

(The 5G video call) is solid proof of Globe’s readiness to roll out mobile 5G in the country. This technology will deliver a new era of digital use for AR, VR, Internet of Things (IoT),  industrial applications and much more in the Philippines.

Globe launched its 5G Fixed Wireless access in June last year.  Globe is targeting to fire up 5G sites in key areas such as central business districts (CBD)  within the year.

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  1. K L says:

    Pero Bakit wala parin VOLTE nag 3G kapag naka call ngayon…

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