Globe eSIM via GlobeOne app coming by end of September

This September, Globe will launch the entirely digital eSIM experience. With this change, actual SIM cards are no longer necessary or a burden to handle.

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By the end of the month, Globe’s prepaid eSIM will be accessible. The GlobeOne app will be the only place to get an eSIM for the telecomm.

Purchasing an eSIM will be simple using the GlobeOne app:

● Users can easily download the FREE app
● Set up a GlobeOne account
● Request for a new eSIM

The switch to the eSIM is both efficient and sustainable since it spares Globe’s users the inconvenience of store visits or physical SIM delivery.

“At Globe, we’re always looking ahead, anticipating the needs of our customers in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The prepaid eSIM captures our vision of a seamless, digital-first mobile experience, marrying innovation with convenience,” Darius Delgado, Head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business.

In addition to being digital, the eSIM has other advantages. Users can utilize two phone numbers simultaneously and install several eSIMs on certain devices. Additionally, the eSIM enables smooth connection with a single mobile number and may be utilized in devices other than mobile phones, such as smartwatches. With the help of this technology, Globe Prepaid iPhone users may leave the house with just their Apple watch and stay connected without bringing their phone.

Additionally, the introduction of the prepaid eSIM benefits the environment. By digitizing the SIM creation process, eSIM technology can reduce the carbon emissions connected with physical SIM production by removing the need for plastic and the logistics needed to produce one.

We’ll update you once the launch of Globe eSIMS has arrived.

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